An epidemic means little birds, thanks less

Shaping this year’s Thanksgiving ceremony to be a bit more fancy, a little more expensive and much smaller than usual.

Many people are planning to avoid traveling and gather in small numbers as the Kovid-19 cases climb to new heights. Grocers are gearing up to sell smaller turkeys and less-heavy side dishes. Food manufacturers, meanwhile, are catering for the first time thanks to chefs, and restaurants are tapping the takeout feast for those who won’t cook. Find out here what you expect to prepare your holiday dinner.

Small turkey

Fewer guests around the table mean less meat. This year grocers are keeping small turkeys — 12 to 14 pounds — in some cases instead of 16 to 20 pounds.

Raley’s Inc. is a chain of 130 grocery stores in California purchased as many small, frozen turkeys as it did in preparation for an epidemic thanks to months ago. It still may not be enough. Chief executive Keith Knopf said, “Everyone will get a bird if they want to, but they can’t get the size they want.”

Turkish supplier Kargil Inc. said it was too early to tell if consumer demand would go ahead. Because retailers bought birds at the beginning of the calendar year, the quantity, turkey size, and prices were discontinued before the epidemic.


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