An encyclopedia for all brothers and sisters

While waiting to learn the contents of the document, there has been some discussion about the title and how to translate it inclusive. An encyclopedia, however, is a universal text per se, and Pope Francis really wants to speak from the heart of each person. The Holy See Press Office announced that the text would be published on 4 October.

By Andrea Tornilli

Fratelli tutti Pope Francis has chosen for his new Enlightenment – dedicated, as we read in the subtitle, “fraternity” and “social friendliness”. The original Italian title will be used, without translation, in all languages ​​in which the document is published. The first words of the new “circular letter” (meaning the word “encyclopedia”) come from the great saint of Assisi, whose name was chosen by Pope Francis.

We are waiting to learn the contents of the encyclopedia, which Peter’s successor addresses to the whole of humanity and which he will sign on 3 October at the tomb of the saint. There has been some good discussion about the title and its meaning. Since this is a direct quote from St. Francis (taken from) admonitions, 6, 1: ff. 155), the Pope has not explicitly changed it. But somehow the creation of the title intends to exclude women, that is, more than half of the human race.

In contrast, Francis chose the words of the Saint of Assisi to care deeply about: fraternity and social friendship. He therefore addresses all his sisters and brothers, all men and women who populate the earth: everyone, inclusive and by no means exclusive.

We live in a time marked by war, poverty, migration, climate change, economic crisis, epidemics. A brother or sister is found in all of us and, for Christians, in the other to recognize the face of Jesus who is suffering – these reactions confirm the irrational dignity of every human person created in the image of God. They also remind us that no one can ever emerge from existing difficulties alone, against each other, a global North, against the global South, the rich against the poor, or anyone else except discrimination.

On March 27, at the height of the epidemic, the Bishop of Rome prayed for the salvation of all in an empty St. Peter’s Square, in the rain, with the sorrowful gaze of St. Marcellus’s crucifix and gaze with love. Mary’s, Salles Populi Romani, Guard, health or salvation of the Roman people.

“In this storm,” said Pope Francis, “biased with the stereotypes with which we sieve our egos, always worrying about our image, has gone away, once more related to the (blessed) mango, Of which we cannot be deprived: Our relationship as brothers and sisters. ”The central theme of the forthcoming People letter is“ Blessed is our normal relationship ”, which really makes us siblings.

Fraternity and social friendliness, the theme is indicated in the subtitle, which indicates that unites men and women: a necessary affection between people even if blood relatives do not close. The relationship should be expressed through kindness, forms of assistance, acts of justice and generous action in times of need – an indifferent affection towards other human beings, regardless of any difference or affiliation. For this reason, all readers should be able to understand the title Fratelli tutti Intended that with a fully inclusive estimate.