An economical and comfortable ergonomic keyboard

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Cherry is best known as the creators of the coveted keyboard switches, the tiny switches found behind every key on your favorite input device. They are less known for making their own peripherals, so Cherry KC 4500 Ergo it is particularly interesting.

This full-size keyboard, as you can see above, is ergonomically designed for your comfort. The keyboard is 18.70 x 8.53 x 1.39 inches and is not backlit.

The chiclet-style keys have similar key travel to MacBook keys and are fairly quiet. The depth is satisfying, but the whole thing has a slightly mushy feel to it, which you would want if you’re trying to reduce the strain on your hands. While they are not my favorite style, they are definitely easy to use and very quiet.

The key switches are rubber dome, which means that they are not traditionally mechanical. This style is very similar to the switches on most laptop keyboards, which should make the transition from a MacBook pretty smooth.

Now the bad news. The keyboard has no N-key shift, which means you can hold down only a few keys at a time. On most mechanical keyboards, you can hold down all four in the top row, for example “qwer”, and then play “ty” at the same time and get “qwerty”. In my tests, this keyboard supported up to four keys at once, and not very well. Don’t expect to play any rough games or tap your fingers on a heavy typing irregularity and you’ll be fine.

Do you want to know how it sounds? There you go.

While this model isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely worth a look compared to similar offerings like Microsoft’s $ 39 model and Logitech’s Wave K350 wireless keyboard, which is $ 59 more expensive.

The 4500 Ergo is definitely built for comfort. If you’ve been hitting a mechanical keyboard for a period of time, this $ 45 keyboard is like giving your carpal tunnel a spa day. The built-in wrist rest is smooth and comfortable, the design is excellent, and the switches, while not the workhorses we’re used to from Cherry, are better than most laptop keyboards. When you think of it as a way to take a break from standard keyboards, the 4500 Ergo is just fine.


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