An armed man who fired from a condo in downtown Reno is dead, authorities say


A man armed with a hostage opened fire from the eighth floor of a luxury high-rise condominium in Reno to the streets below, authorities said. No injuries were reported.

The man died Tuesday night after a SWAT team descended on him while he was barricaded in the Montage condominium complex, Reno police deputy chief Tom Robinson told reporters. It was not immediately clear if he was killed by the police or yours. No one else, including the hostage, was injured.

The gunman's name has not been revealed. Robinson described him only as a young adult.

The luxurious skyscraper is surrounded by some of the most popular casinos in downtown Reno, and the shooting brought eerie echoes of the Las Vegas shooting two months before it killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.

During Tuesday's attack, the streets of Reno were mostly empty on a cold weeknight.

Stephen Paddock, the man who opened fire on October 1 from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in Las Vegas to an outside concert then had owned a unit in the badembly. The records show that he sold the property in December 2016.

"When you heard it coming from above, it reminded you of the guy who shoots from Mandalay Bay," said Mike Pavicich, who was in town on business from Las Vegas and was standing. Over a parking lot in the neighboring Eldorado Resort Casino when the shots rang.

"It's scary, you know?" Pavicich told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "This is the same kind of city."

The Montage building was once a casino before becoming luxury condominiums, according to its website.

Private Chris Kelley of the Nevada Highway Patrol told the Reno Gazette-Journal shots were fired from the building for at least 20 minutes, and TV news reporters said they heard several shots after arriving, though the shots They were sporadic, not constant.

Paddock modified an AR-15 rifle to lose a constant current bullets as an automatic weapon in the attack in Las Vegas, which is 350 miles southeast.


10:50 p. m.: This article was updated with information at all times, including a witness account.

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