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An apology to Nicki Minaj, her fans and all our readers

BET loves Nicki Minaj. We have supported her since the beginning of her career and we will continue to do so in the future. Nicki has paved the way for so many artists and has consolidated her place as one of the most powerful figures in the music industry.

Unfortunately, the respect we have for Nicki was violated by a publication that should never have been written. The post does not reflect how we feel with Nicki. And it does not reflect the values ​​of our company.

We deeply apologize for the pain, disappointment and confusion that this post has caused. We are committed to doing everything possible to address the situation.

We are also conducting an internal audit to ensure that these types of publications are not republished.

We have apologized to Nicki and her team. The publication has been removed and we have taken additional appropriate measures.

We understand Nicki's position and we hope to continue our dialogue with her.

Finally, we apologize to all your fans. This should never have happened.

– BET Spokesperson

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