An alien joke from X-Files & # 39; scares newspaper customers

Technically incorrect it offers a slightly twisted vision of the technology that our lives have taken.


Looks like a decent guy.

Screenshot of Fox / YouTube by Chris Matyszczyk / CNET

If you have ever chosen the New York Post, you will know that it may contain some terrifying images and thoughts.

None, however, is quite the scare that some New Yorkers simply endured, as they attained a free copy of the role of a dispenser on the street.

This dispenser, as you see, had been invaded by an extraterrestrial.

Sometimes, the alien only extended a hand from the dispenser. Other times, well, he was braver and pulled his head out of the top.

Naturally, many New Yorkers shouted. Well, you do not expect a quiet reaction from a New Yorker, right?

Still, some New Yorkers managed to get a good laugh out of the whole thing.

A woman looked at the alien and simply said: "Oh, no demons." She did not seem scared in the least.

You may wonder about the explanation of this alien behavior. Well, everything went to promote the new series of "X-Files", which will premiere on January 3 .

As for the brains behind the scare, that was Michael Krivicka, who is the brain of many viral fears in the past. Remember the trick of the horror movie "Rings" in the electronics store ?

Krivicka promised me that nobody died during the filming and that afterwards all the participants realized their parts in the promotion of Mulder and Scully in the video.

I am concerned, however, about the idea that the truth is still out there. With so many false news being sold (and I'm not specifically referring to the Post here), how will we know when we will finally meet the real aliens?

Or have we already done it?

A scene from the shoot. She is not happy.

Emon Hbadan (with permission)

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