Amy Schumer praised the ‘cute’ C-section mark in revealing the new selfie: ‘You’re Beautiful!’

Amy Schumer celebrating her C-section scar. (Photo: Steven Ferryman / Getty Image)

Amy Schumer is celebrating “Hot Girl Winter” in true mommy style: by flashing her C-section mark.

The comedian, who gave birth to son Jean in May 2019, stopped everyone in a new selfie posted on her Instagram. To give fans an intimate glimpse of the C-section incision just below their bikini line.

Schumer is being praised & quot;  Cute & quot;  C-section mark.  (Untouchable gripes: Instagram)
Schumer is being praised for showing a “cute” C-section scar. (Untouchable gripes: Instagram)

“My C-section looks cute today!” The 39-year-old star quipped.

Some of his famous friends agreed.

Comedian Jerry’s wife Jessica Seinfeld wrote, “Whatever has been sent to Ginny on this planet is to be remembered again.” “PS body.”

“I still feel like me today!” What a coincidence! “Singer Vanessa Carlton, a 5-year-old mother, responded, while writer Leslie Arfin said,” Uh it does. Khan looks like a Pringles man. “

Many of Schumer’s fans also left comments praising her body-positive message and sharing her C-section stories.

“Amy, you are amazing !!” Read a comment. “Thank you for being real! We can all be so proud of our bodies!”

“Amen sister! The scars are beautiful, ”another fan wrote.

“Beautiful body! I need to love my C-section more,” another comment read, while a follower told Schumer, “This scar represents power, life and healing. You are beautiful.”

Schumer’s C-section scar would be her last, according to comments she recently underwent another pregnancy. During her pregnancy with Jean, she struggled with extreme nausea and vomiting as a result of hypermesis.

“For my safety, I can’t get pregnant again,” she revealed during a recent episode Anna faris is inept Podcast. “One in three moms with hypermesis, what did I have, one in three babies doesn’t make it. So I really don’t like those odds. Just because you’re so nauseous that you’re either your child or yourself. Can’t nurture, so my pregnancy was too big. “

But she and husband Chris Fisher are interested in having another child, which has led them to explore surrogacy. After his “terrible” dossier in the IVF process last year, Schumer said he plans to add his family, though he has two embryos that can be transplanted into a gestational carrier.

Schumer does not hesitate to show her stains in the past.

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