Amy-Nominated Editor for ‘Key and People’ was 43 – Deadline

Neil Mahoney is known for editing several projects including Comedy Central Drug history And Ki and Peel, Has died He was 43 years old

The editor-producer died suddenly on January 7 at his Echo Park home. Friend and comedian Joanna Ray announced Mahoney’s death on January 10 with an Instagram post.

“He was so beautiful,” Ray wrote. “Oh God, I love you Neil.” I love you very very.”

Other members of the comedy scene also mourn the loss of Mahoney, turning the hashtag. # Blue cow In a collection of fond memories and touching statements. Were among those who shared fond memories and paid homage to Mahoney Bojack horseman Actor Paul F. Tomkins, Emily Gordon, Sarah Beninkasa and Janet Varney.

Varney wrote, “I must be involved in a big way in the mourning of Neil Mahoney, who edited w / me / w / me through our project last month.” “Like everyone else, I am struggling to accept that he is suddenly gone. He was a wonderful editor and a wonderful person.”

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Born on March 7, 1977 in Cape Cod, MA, Mahoney closed her career with writing credits Offensive show And Oblivion of highway. He started construction in 2005 Home james And Cd usa in 2006.

Mahoney made his first editing work for the web series in 2007 Derek and Simon: The Show. His editing career began a few years after he started editing episodes for it. History of intoxication.

In addition to editing the Comedy Central show, Mahoney edited 8 episodes Funny or Die Presentations.

Mahoney received an Emmy nomination in 2016 for her editing chops in the sketch series by Key & Peel, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peel. He shared the nomination with Richard Lobby, Nicholas Monsour and Stephen Wychulis.

His additional credits include Portlandia, Greatest Party Story Hour, Another Period And The Very Funny Show.

He is survived by his mother, Claudia, and his sister, Megan.

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