Amy Klobuchar closes Ron Johnson conspiracy at Capitol attack hearing

On Tuesday, former Capitol police leaders and other authorities tasked with protecting the Capitol building testified about the January 6 attack, telling conflicting stories about what happened that day. One thing that clearly did not happen was what Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) shared during his opportunity to question law enforcement leaders: an account of the day published in the conservative publication Federalist, claiming that those who broke into the Capitol were apparently professional provocateurs and not the “working class” people seen protesting outside earlier in the day.

That suggestion went against the testimony of former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who said Tuesday that the attack was “pre-planned” and that the insurgents were “well equipped, coordinated and prepared to carry out a violent insurrection in the United States. United”. Capitol. “And when the hearing ended, Rules Committee Chair Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) Made it clear that Johnson’s allegations were not correct.

Around the same time that Johnson was sharing the conspiracy theory, federal prosecutors uncovered a case against a Capitol attacker who, in the weeks after the attack, had made it clear that left-wing provocateurs were not behind it. HuffPost reports. José Padilla allegedly used online forums to detail his experiences in the insurrection, making it clear that “the guy who broke the windows was not antifa” but “patriots.”

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