Amy Connie Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmed the hearing

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In exchange with Sen. Lindsey Graham, Judge Amy Connie Barrett asked about her convictions. Remember: When Barrett first appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017 when he was nominated for a US appeals court seat, Republican and Democratic senators alike investigated his religious views.

Here’s how the exchange went down today:

Graham: Can you separate any Catholic beliefs about any issues you face?

Barrett: Yes i I have done this in my time in the seventh circuit. If I stay on the Seventh Circuit then I will continue to do this, if I get confirmation from the Supreme Court, I will still do it.

Graham: I would dare to say that the Supreme Court has personal views and no one questions whether our liberal friends can set aside their beliefs. I think there is no reason to question you. So the bottom line is that there is a process. You fill in the blanks. It was about guns and hellers, abortion rights.

She also explained the process of how the abortion case would be heard while initiating the trial in the district court. Once a case reached the Supreme Court, he said:

“It will be the entire judicial process. It will be brief, oral arguments, conversations with clerks of law in the Chambers, consultation with colleagues, writing an opinion, really digging into it. It’s not just a vote. You all do that , You. Everyone made a policy and cast a vote. The judicial process is different, “she said.

Some background: Questions about Barrett’s faith came after Graham was asked about issues such as abortion and gun rights.

For Barrett’s supporters and detractors alike, it is clear that his confirmation would strengthen a conservative majority on the Supreme Court to limit the extent of abortion.

Even if the court does not overturn Roe v., There are cases going on in courts across the country that chip away at the right to terminate a person’s conception and give the state room a second presumption of that decision. Will give

You can read more on his record here.


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