Amy Connie Barrett’s quiet condemnation during the hearing is her ‘superpower’, says Harmeet Dhillon

Two days after the Supreme Court confirmation hearing by Judge Amy Connie Barrett and Trump 2020 advisory board member Harmeet Dhillon told Fox Business Network’s “The Evening Edit” that his ability to remain calm, calm and collected is almost uncanny .

Democratic senators have repeatedly attempted to apprehend Barrett about his stance on the Affordable Care Act, but Dhillon told host Elizabeth Macdonald that he doesn’t think they too “didn’t point a finger at him.”

“In fact, it’s almost as if he has the ability to sit calmly and answer these questions politely,” she said. “I think she’s making each of them silly or worse.”

Dhillon argued that the hearing so far had been “unsuccessful” and said Democrats should call it quits.

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“Democrats would have been better off not actually holding a hearing … and voting because I don’t think they convinced anyone with that intent,” she said.

Democratic lawmakers were quick to criticize Barrett for allegedly “extinct” questions when the Ginsberg regime, named as Barrett’s predecessor, gave the nominees their personal views on matters appearing before the court Prevents discussing.

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“The judge did exactly what the other judges did in the same seat and what they should do,” Dhillon said. “No judge can honestly answer how they would vote on a case they don’t know about, nor would it be fair.”

“I hope that in the future if the Democrats are ever in the same position where they are doing the judicial nomination, they take the same position as Justice Amy Connie Barrett and indeed everyone in the last 30 years has done.” He concluded.

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