Amnesia: Reborn will launch on October 20 for PC and PS4

Amnesia: RebornThe latest game from Swedish studio Fractional Games will be released on 20 October. Rebirth Is the sequel to Amnesia dark descent, Which was released 10 years ago this month. Limits are now open, and the game will sell on GOG, Steam, Epic Games Store and Sony PlayStation 4.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Rebirth, But it takes place in the Algerian desert, where a woman named Tasi Tryonan has to live off her wits and some limited supplies to other bizarre monasteries. Shows parts of a new trailer Of rebirth The world gives more clues on what Tasi is doing, as well as what kind of gameplay players can expect from them. (This includes hideous terror, and staring at your hands in a cool-looking compass-like gadget)

Friction is returning Amnesia Series after critical acclaim Som, And late Rebirth While not necessarily scary, close encounters with close creatures are a big part of the game. Creative Director Thomas Grip told Vice Enemies are “much more integrated into the gameplay” earlier this year – so don’t expect a less stressful option like Soma’s Safe mode.

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