Amir Khan says the video of the viral bottle trick is real, it took an hour!


Amir Khan

The trick video of the viral bottle is real …

It took me an hour to do!

4/20/2019 12:10 AM PDT


Remember that crazy video of Amir Khan Taking a protein shake and then juggling the bottle in the air with bumps?

Yes … uncle says it was 100 percent real. TMZ Sports It took him an hour to practice before he did it right.

The trick is wild … Khan throws a plastic bottle in the air, hits it just to keep it turning … and then keeps it in the air with blow after blow until it gets bored.

Khan tells us that the trick is not easy to do … it says: "I was standing there for about an hour until I understood it!"

In fact, Amir says that it is SO difficult, since then he has only been able to do it twice!

As for his next mega fight with Terence Crawford on Saturday night … Khan says he feels more motivated to win because he is a big loser.

And … if he succeeds, Amir says he could do the bottle trick as a celebration inside the ring.

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