America’s Nervous Breakdown: For Whites Who Love Trump, A Drop To Madness

Normally, I wouldn’t worry at all about a professional tabloid like Kanye West running for president. Today, however, I am actually quite concerned, and not because I think Kanye will probably win or even win enough tickets to make a dent. He will not. For now.

The problem with Kanye or other political fans running for president is that it further erodes the already threadbare integrity of our presidential politics, making it increasingly acceptable for other nincompoops famous for being famous to run and perhaps win. The past four years have illustrated how profoundly dangerous it can be.

These days, the terrain is especially fertile for amateurs and tourists to run for national office. Even on the Democratic side, in moderation. There are innumerable reasons for this, but the main one is that it seems that we are experiencing an American nervous breakdown, a social form of psychological imbalance that is very evident and worsens day by day.

It became blindingly remarkable in 2016, but over the course of this particular year, our national freakout has worsened to a point where good judgment has been dangerously inhibited, while reality and reason have become products every time. rarer, largely abandoned at least 40 percent of us. The United States is involved in a transcontinental collapse and is not improving.

If you need evidence, take a look around you.

Alleged adults are routinely scolding anyone who wears a mask, either because mask users are, they say, succumbing to fear Or because mask wearers simply do it to express their disapproval of Donald Trump, whose existence as president, incidentally, is more responsible than anything else for the collapse. Trump has exploited the intimidating pulpit to undermine our national sense of right and wrong, of reality and fiction, to the point where his most loyal disciples, once again, chronological adults, have no idea what is real. and what is false.

Namely: There was a video flying around Twitter over the weekend in which a Florida lawyer dressed as the Grim Reaper He was approached by a possibly intoxicated bather who insisted that the coronavirus outbreak is a plot by China, through the Bidens, to screw Donald Trump. Another video showed a woman destroy an N-95 mask display rack in a department store because something-something-QAnon. Also, a couple was captured on video painting on the yellow slogan “Black Lives Matter” on the street in the quiet suburban town of Martinez, California, as he shouted to non-kidnapping viewers in favor of Trump. There seem to be new videos like these every hour on the dot, and each shows privileged white Americans in the midst of a catastrophic crisis.

Large crowds of Trump supporters, along with assemblies of young people partying, they are gathering without masks and without social distancing in defiance of the virus, apparently believing that the pandemic may be intimidated by american patriotic resolution, not unlike our national reaction to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Hundreds, if not thousands, of these dingus, along with friends and family who may infect later, will end up overwhelming our already overburdened healthcare system because too selfish and irresponsible to do the right thing: exercise some self-control, at least enough to make the reasonable decisions necessary to end the pandemic. Instead, they are making it worse for everyone.

More than 130,000 Americans are dead under the surveillance of Donald Trump. That’s 32,500 times the death toll in Benghazi, or 44 times the September 11 attacks. The United States now has the worst rate of new coronavirus infections in the world, also under Trump’s supervision and, in fact, directly attributable to the President’s twisted, malicious, and selfish insistence on the premature reopening of the economy. Meanwhile, Russia reportedly paid rewards to Taliban fighters for killing US soldiers, and Trump has yet to convict his paymaster Putin, let alone call for retaliatory sanctions. These are just the latest news from the tent, not even taking into account hundreds of other examples of villainy, as well as the 20,000 lies This president has counted it from the day of the inauguration. Yet somehow, in the midst of all this, Trump is miraculously polling in the low 40s.

Why? The American nervous breakdown.

Presidents have always set the tone for the rest of the country. Donald Trump’s continued insistence on reinforcing his racist, exclusionary, vengeful, obnoxious, necrotic, and ultimately self-destructive brand is driving the nation toward a point of cultural and social breakdown, and the gravitational pull of this decline appears to be strengthening day by day. . About 30 years ago, Trump stopped trying to build things and instead chose to build the one thing that is “good” to build: the Trump brand. From the early 1990s onward, he has devoted himself to the things that make up his public persona, and he will never deviate from that, even if he kills thousands of Americans while destroying the economy in the process.

Within his twisted one-way mind, the Trump brand will always take precedence over everything else, and since March, that brand has been in direct conflict with the reality of the pandemic.

Sometime earlier in the year, Trump faced a critical choice, as he saw it: make decisions that benefit the nation or prioritize his own brand with an eye toward reelection. He could tell the truth about the severity of the virus and the difficult, sometimes painful, things we would have to do to flatten the curve, or he could continue to ignore all that while, as the mayor of “Shark”, he minimized the threat. because it doesn’t fit with your always winning, always great, always tremendous brand.

Consequently, Trump chose to vilify responsible actions such as staying home, wearing masks, and distancing himself socially, characterizing those things as propositions by us against them, politicizing the crisis, and sending the message to his 40 percent that it was all about Democrats trying of destroying Trump. In June interview With the Wall Street Journal, Trump actually said the use of masks was intended to “indicate his disapproval.” No, it’s really not about catching the virus or passing it on to others, but the facts are irrelevant when faced with the Trump brand, which requires that all American actions fall into one of two categories: pro-Trump or anti-Trump. There is no “nothing to do with Trump” category. Not him.

Trump’s nihilistic approach to the worst crisis of our time, which now includes pretending that the virus does not exist In addition to being a vehicle to demonize his enemies, he is short-circuiting the wiring inside the heads of his Red Hat fans, who are now witnessing his own people succumbing to the virus and trying to square this brutal reality with “everything is fine ! ” “attitude coming from their messiah confused. No wonder they are losing their shpadoinkle Once again, Trump’s facts and fiction are colliding in their heads and they are unable to recalibrate their bullshit detectors. The results, as we have all observed, have been explosive.

As the president ruthlessly ejaculates the squeaking capital complaints, his strangely impressionable fans will continue to be inspired to do the same. As long as he markets obvious lies and absurd conspiracy theories, his fans will continue to actually buy every word that comes out of a place of authority (undeserved and unearned). As long as he gives an example of racism and misogyny, his fans will continue to reject the values ​​of tolerance and empathy. In fact, the Trump brand has gone viral and infected 40 percent of us, who won’t easily return to the land of reality and responsibility any time soon. This is entirely by design. Trump understands the power of the Oval Office. Trump thrives on chaos and manufactures it. He expects and demands that his fans adopt his corrosive behavior, unlike sports fans who wear the colors of his favorite team. And they have become so intensely loyal to the brand that they are losing what is left of their minds to protect and defend it.

As for the rest of us, we all feel that we are leaning too far in our chairs, almost falling but not quite, that dizzy feeling of imminent death, compacted between the intense stress on our personal health and our personal finances, not knowing if the External interference with the election combined with Trump’s stunt attempts will give us four more years of this national insanity. The frantic uncertainty we are enduring should not be exacerbated by the existence of an unstable tyrant in the White House, but it is.

The destabilizing and pervasive existence of Trump, and especially the power that this Mad King possesses, is the main catalyst for this national nervous breakdown. There is one last remaining treatment: We must find the collective strength to electorally humiliate Trump and his brand out of existence. It must be brought down flat in November. The alternative is unthinkable, but it could involve an eventual President Kanye West or President Joe Exotic at some point in our lives, a possibility as inconceivable today as “President Donald Trump” was five or ten years ago.