America’s Got Talent Results: Season 15 Judge Cuts – Complete List of Acts

And then there were… less. Tuesday episode America’s Got Talent The judges (in person!) Crush some more dreams and reveal which proceedings will go ahead for the season 15 live episode.

As hard as all AGT Judgment, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sophia Varghese were jostling each other with jumps, with many judges making valid arguments such as “You don’t know what it is to swallow a sword” and “Neine!” Nein! Nein! “It was sheer chaos.

After much deliberation, however, the Quartet of Fate began to operate in the next round. Some of those lucky individuals included fierce singers Celina Graves, High energy collision Malik Dope Drummer, dance group Dance town family, Country singer Cameron Ross, Teen singer Calvin Dukes, Eucalypt Fang E, Football player-singer Thomas dayFlexible dancer Noah Ips, song and dance double Dragon, Acrobat Alan silva, Sword swallower Brett Laudermilk, Stand-up comedian Alex hooper And Usma Siddiqui, Novelty musician BONAVEGA, Farm team Pork Chop Review, Printer Vincent marcus, And wrongly singing singer Archie Williams.

Unfortunately, this meant that the judges had to say goodbye to many disappointed hopes. Some acts that received bad news tonight include the Dog Act Jennifer and babysitter, Musical duo Broken roots, And singer Ashley marina.

But some calls were too close to be made without a second glance, so the judges asked for 10 acts to be returned AGT “Stage” for follow-up performance: child dancer Simon and maria Some burning salsa, Craig reed Just plain full-hula hoop number served to choreograph Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” Max major Banishing childhood memories from his brain and blowing Simon’s mind, Shakira McGrath Gave a powerful rendition of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”, and stand-up comedian Ty Barnett Failed to impress the judges with routines about his children.

Next, Harmonica siblings The Brothers Gaze Tried something different with him on LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” the inspirational singer-songwriter Nolan Neil The magician gave an intimate fiery performance of “You’ve Got the Love” Rayon tricks Subordinate military AGT: Champions Judge Alsha Dixon for another mind-bending move, dance duo The ninja twins Justin Bieber’s “Yumi”, and a brilliant rendition with the adventurer took us to Candyland Jonathan Goodwin Almost took an arrow – in fact, that many arrows – make for the chest.

Of those 10 acts, the following five were sent through: Simon and Maria, Jonathan Goodwin, Shakira McGrath, Max Major and Nolan Neill. This means that Craig Reed, The Brothers Gage, Ty Barnett, Ryan Tricks and The Ninja Twins have reached the end of their respective territories. AGT journey.

The remaining acts from Judge Cuts will proceed to the live show, which will join this season’s harvest of Golden Buzzer recipients: spoken poet Brandon Leake, Singer Christina Rae, Singer Roberta Battleglia, Voice of our city And dance groups Covenant crew.

Did your favorite season 15 make it through the live show? And which end of the week was the most difficult to accept? Leave a comment with your thoughts on the judge cuts below.

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