Americans will not be able to buy the best car from Mercedes

S-Class Coupe in 2017.  It now looks like one.

S-Class Coupe in 2017. It now looks like one.
Photo: Mercedes

There is no car in the country that indicates more success than assets. Mercedes E-Class Wagon. Nor is there anything more comfortable than this Road tripping in S-Class sedan. But for pure luxury, you don’t beat the S-Class Coupe. Or, you did not.

This is not shocking news, because we first saw this storm Horizon a few weeks ago. This time it’s just official, as Motor1 telling:

Suggested a report about a month ago Mercedes benz Is planning Big reduction in its model range to the United States. A few weeks after the company was over Production of C-Class sedans The A-Class, in the US and Mexico, is now confirming that two more models will cut the dust very soon.

Expanding the model update in a lengthy press release for the 2021 model year, Mercedes has officially announced The S-Class Coupe and S-Class Convertible are entering their final year Production of. Both regular and AMG-tune variants of luxury vehicles will be discontinued after the 2021 model year. The only upgrade for the next 12 months is the addition of Cirrus Silver Exterior color to the coupe and convertible.

Mercedes already sells the SL, which attaches itself to a large and luxurious two-door from a small and neat grand tourer, much to the role of the S-Class coupe. In the same way, Mercedes also sells the AMG GT, which fits the role of the iconic sports car that SL once did. I know why Mercedes axes the S-Class coupe. It is meaningless.

Certainly it does not make sense as a sporty coupe, and if it is a pure comfortable practical stylish machine, then there is nothing that is better than the S-Class sedan, which is the same but a bigger seat. Is with

But that leaves the option of saying, yes, I do Want all the rest in the world, i just want to know you tooNot me need Additional space for boring executives, diplomats or back. I sacrifice because I can tolerate them. You don’t because you can’t. I will miss seeing that option on the showroom floor.


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