Americans are ready to travel. But where can they go?

Americans are looking to get out of the city after a year of virus-related travel restrictions. Finding out where they can go and what will be open when they get there remains tricky, both for potential tourists and travel companies.

Signs that consumers are ready to travel again are on the rise, with an increase in airfare searches and activity on booking sites. Travel companies are providing tools to help understand restrictions and stimulate bookings, but a confusing outlook for international travel suggests that domestic destinations will have the highest demand.

Diana Zucknick and her husband, Paul, visited 14 countries in the five years before Covid-19 caused them to take refuge in their home in Austin, Texas. Now that they are both vaccinated, they are eager to get back on the road.

As they sat down to plan the trip, Zucknick said, they pondered questions they hadn’t considered before: Which countries will allow Americans to enter? Would they face a lengthy quarantine or would they put others at risk? How safe are the scales?

Hong Kong was high on his list, he said, but the logistics of that trip amid current travel restrictions, including a 21-day quarantine requirement, seemed overwhelming. “There are so many variables,” he said. “Everything is in the air.” Ms. Zucknick, 38, has yet to make a reservation. So far they have only traveled through Texas.


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