American coronavirus viruses are declining, but variants may erase progress

Nevertheless, the country receives about 190,000 new cases each day, more than any point in the epidemic before December. Deaths from coronovirus are still exceptionally high, with more than 4,300 deaths announced on Wednesday, the epidemic’s second-largest daily total. And in some places there is no progress at all.

Virginia is reporting its highest transition numbers. New outbreaks are increasing in South Carolina. And in parts of Texas, around San Antonio and along parts of the Mexican border, case numbers are as high as they have ever been. The county that includes Laredo is reporting more than 500 cases each day, more than double the per capita Los Angeles County, which is also struggling.

In places that have seen a decrease in new cases in recent times, local and state health officials were sharing positive – but temporary – news about the virus.

Commissioner of Public Health for Chicago Drs. “Everything is moving in the right way,” said Alison Arvadi at a news conference on a smiling Thursday, noting that due to encouraging the Matrix in the city, museums have reopened, allowing gym group classes And more restrictions may be imposed in the coming days. Epidemiologists say that the rise and fall of cases occur almost entirely in cycles controlled by human behavior, and some experts were concerned that drowning cases Due to the number new openings of businesses were allowed, just once again the new boom can set.

The Minneapolis commissioner of health, Gretchen Musicant, said officials in the state were “encouraged, but wary” of the situation, and that they would continue to watch as Minnesota begins to reopen certain sectors of the economy.

“We are looking to ensure that reopeners do not push our rates up again,” said Ms. Musician.

As epidemiologists warn about the spread of new variants, health officials are rushing to vaccinate more and more people. As of Thursday, around 2.4 million people were fully vaccinated. More than half of the states administered less than 50 percent of the dose sent to them.

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