American Coronavirus: States seek higher vaccine doses as country deaths close to 400,000

CDC officials prompted Americans to continue with preventive measures against coronovirus, while the first identified variant in the UK was identified as B.1.1.7.

The version B.1.1.7 infects human cells more easily and a CDC simulation of its communication raised concerns that it may become the most prominent form of coronavirus in March.

The CDC tried and tried for aggressive vaccine delivery and called for sorghum. “Higher vaccination coverage may need to be obtained to protect the public,” CDC researchers warned.

Kovid-19 killed 3,258 people in the US on Friday, as the total death toll from the epidemic was close to 400,000. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the nation also recorded its 11th consecutive day of more than 200,000 infections.

According to the CDC, at least 12.2 million doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine have been administered on Friday, according to a federal rollout that has received intense scrutiny and criticism from state officials.

Some were upset with the news of State Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, saying there is no “reserve” of vaccines available for release.

“We are now confident enough that our ongoing production will be available to provide a second dose for quality and people,” Azar said in an interview to Lester Holt of NBC News. “We have made it available to the states to order.”

Vaccine supply crisis

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said she was “stunned and stunned” and said her state would face a two-week delay in vaccinating more seniors.

Colorado Village. Jared Polis said that on Friday “they were very disappointed that we were told” about reserved vaccines, and that the next vaccines would be “distributed in the future of the supply chain.”

Despite the Trump administration's promise, the government has more & # 39;  Reserved & # 39;  2 vaccine supplements

“Unlike the call we have with the Vice President, there is no influx of doses [and] The Governor informed the Health Secretary three days ago that we would have an additional quantity available to the states.

Polis estimated that of the 58,000 remaining doses in Colorado, “they will likely be used by all or nearly all Sundays.”

The governors of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota wrote to Azar, criticizing federal plans and hoping they could buy vaccines directly from manufacturers.

“Without additional supplies or direct procurement to the authority, our states could be forced to cancel plans for public vaccination clinics in the coming weeks, hoping to vaccinate tens of thousands. That’s for the Trump administration It is time to do the right thing and help us. End this epidemic, “the letter states.

National Guard members assist with check-in for vaccines in New Jersey.

Pfizer on Friday attempted to reassure the state’s leadership and the public about the production of its vaccine, saying it does not anticipate any interruption in shipments.

“Operation Tana Speed ​​has recently asked us to begin shipping the second dose. As a result, we have all the second doses of previous shipments delivered to the US. We are going to produce millions each day around the clock Working, ”Pfizer. Said in a statement to CNN.

State restrictions continue to fluctuate

Meanwhile, a recent coronovirus projection from the University of Washington has estimated 566,720 deaths as of May 1.

The university’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) said the figure could be reduced to around 32,000 deaths with universal mask requirements.

The mask’s requirements are strongly urged by health authorities to slow the spread of coronavirus, and its implementation is expected to have a direct impact on future infections and deaths. State and local responses vary widely. Some states continue to maintain instructions without a mask, allowing businesses to set their own rules.

Pharmacist Coleen Nouchin administers Modern Vaccine in Wright, Portland.

On Friday, Mississippi extended its mandate by February 3 wearing its mask in all but nine counties.

“It is important that we continue to take this virus seriously. We are getting the Mississippian vaccinated, but are continuing social distance, keeping gatherings short and wearing our masks.”

However, North Dakota said officials are seeing its Kovid-19 number falling from an earlier outbreak and that Governor Doug Bergam said the facade mandate would be allowed to end on Monday, reiterating in a news briefing “We Must be alert. “

North Dakota capacity limits for bars, restaurants and event Venues will be revised from requirements to recommendations.

CNN’s Maggie Fox, Bianna Golodriga, Yon Pomirenz, Lauren Del Valle, Melissa Alonso, Devon Sayers, Amanda Seeley, KY Jones, Holly Silverman and Rob Freeh contributed to this report.


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