American Coronavirus News: Record Kovid-19 Hospital Soon Health Specialists May Be Bounded To Take Ration Care

“When you run out of capacity, physicians and bioethicists in these hospitals will need to decide which patients can be saved – potentially salvageable – and which patients are not,” CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Jonathan Rayner explained.

The US reported 121,235 patients hospitalized with coronovirus on Monday, the most since the onset of the epidemic, according to Kovid Tracking Project. ICU coronavirus patients have risen from 16% in September to 40% the previous week, and health experts predict that a holiday trip could mean a “surge above the rise”.

CEO Dr. Ellen Bachelor said spike in cases would require rationing to Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles.

“If we continue to see an increase in the number of Kovid patients, we may be forced to do something that, as health professionals, we all really loathe to just think,” The Bachelor Told Brooke Baldwin of CNN.

At Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California, nurses who typically care for one or two patients are now caring for three or four, infectious disease specialist Dr. Kimberly Shriner told CNN on Sunday.

“We have a limited number of ventilators, we have a limited number of ICU beds,” Shriner explained, a team consisting of bioethicists, a community member, a physician, a nurse and an administrative leader, who will decide what those resources are. How to divide If it falls under it.

“If you don’t have respirators, you don’t have nurses to take care of patients, you don’t have ICU beds, we have to have these horrible discussions with families, that’s why people need to stay home Needs, and when they go out, they have to wear masks.

Battlefield technique

Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital will not drive patients away, The Bachelor said, but staff may have to employ techniques used in the war.

“We use triage technology in the battlefield, which is assessing each individual’s needs and disease, and using patients with scarce resources that are likely to benefit from them.”

Increase in coronavirus admission signals Los Angeles hospital to use chapel, gift shop for new patients

Already, resources are being used in unconventional ways to accommodate growth.

“Our staff has been incredibly adept and flexible in accommodating the increasing number of patients, so as you heard, we have five tents outside the hospital,” Bachor said. “There are patients in our chapel in our conference room.”

He said that many shoplifting are done in the gift shop.

While Batcher did not reveal how many new patients have Kovid-19, the increase in their numbers is putting emphasis on all care.

LA County Health Services Director Christina Gali said some hospitals are seeing patients who are still on ambulances.

“Those patients are being cared for and treated in an ambulance as if it is part of the emergency room bay,” Gali said.

Experts say America needs to ramp up vaccines

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 2.1 million vaccine doses have been given in the US so far and more than 11.4 million doses have been delivered as of Monday.

Another 4.7 million will be distributed by the end of the week, said Brett Girir, Assistant Secretary and Human Services Admiral of the US Department of Health. This would bring the total dose to more than 15.5 million “in the hands of the states”.

US officials promised 20 million vaccinations against coronaviruses by the end of the year.  It's getting slower than

With state leaders making their way, New Jersey hopes to vaccinate about 31,000 long-term care residents by the end of the week. Gov. Phil Murphy said at a press conference on Monday.

“With each passing day, our immunization program is getting a little bigger and much stronger,” Murphy told reporters. “With the new year, we look forward to the opening of our six vaccination mega sites and the further expansion of our vaccine efforts, and the ongoing movement through each priority group.”

Despite these developments, Dean of Brown University School of Public Health, Drs. Ashish Jha said on Monday that the US is lagging behind countries like Israel and Canada in the pace of vaccination efforts.

“We really have this ramp,” he said. “Things are in crisis.”

Manufacturers like Pfizer have millions of doses waiting to be allocated, he said, holding the federal government responsible for the problem that does not follow through with its administration once it is delivered to the states.

He told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “A lot of the work of getting the vaccine from the state is in people’s arms, and we need a clear set of plans.”

California sanctions likely to be increased

LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said that even before the effects of coronovirus, Los Angeles County reported about 100,000 new cases in the past week.

“The sad reality is that all indicators show us that our situation can only get worse as we start 2021,” Ferrer said.

Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley have been under a regional stay on home orders scheduled to expire on Monday. But based on current trends and ICU capacity, those sectors are falling by 0%, California government. Gavin Newsom announced that the order was likely to be carried forward.

There were 33,170 new cases of coronovirus and 64 additional deaths in the state on Monday. Newsom warned that there were slightly lower deaths due to reporting lags over the weekend.

According to the news, California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. The final figures from Monday will be used to announce projections over a four-week period by Mark Gali.

The epidemic has caused more than 2.1 million coronavirus cases and more than 24,000 deaths in California.

The report contributed to CNN’s Lauren Mascarenhas, Virginia Langmaid, Paul Workamen, Artemis Moshtagian, Taylor Romin, John Bonifield, Naomi Thomas, Didrey McPhillips, Jane Selva, Sarah Moon, Steve Almaci and Holly Yan.


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