American braces for the third wave; Modernism manages vaccine expectations

The US is back in the midst of a grim outlook for what experts are calling the third wave of the coronovirus epidemic.

With more than 40 million cases globally and 1.1 million deaths, the epidemic shows no signs of slowing down. In Ireland, a lockdown has been re-enacted, as other pockets of Europe again weigh similar restrictions.

In the US, there have been more than 8.2 million cases and more than 220,000 deaths to date. While the rate of deaths has slowed, it is still a concern for some of the most vulnerable populations, where increasingly asymptomatic cases are being reported. Meanwhile, the case count has already exceeded 60,000 in all regions of the country.

Fargo, North Dakota, became the first city in the state to mandate wearing the mask, as experts reiterated the need to double down on effective strategies to prevent the spread of the virus.

Yahoo’s medical contributor Drs. Dara Kas recently said, “I think cases are increasing because we are not really seeing a coordinated response that honors this virus, but rather advances our economy and our population.”

Blood of volunteers participating in the Phase III clinical trail of the third phase of the Morden COVID-19 vaccine funded from the National Institutes of Health Miami, Flora, Wednesday, Sept. 2 in Miami waiting to be processed in a laboratory at the University of Miller School of Medicine. , 2020 in Miami. (AP Photo / Tami Alvarez)

With no national strategy and implementing its own regulations in different states and cities, experts have warned of a recurrence of the increase from earlier this year.

Dr., an immunotherapy scientist from the Parker Institute in San Francisco. “Things are not looking pretty,” Leo Nisola told Yahoo Finance.

“The most difficult phase of the epidemic lies ahead of us,” he said.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on treatment and vaccines to help the world return to normal.

In its most recent public appearance, Modern (MRNA) CEO Stephen Bansell raised expectations for the company if it does not meet its original endpoint in November. Both Modern and Pfizer (PFE) with BioNTech (BNTX) have targeted November to get interim results – meaning at least 53 people are infected in the clinical trial group. If the majority of them are from the Plesibo Group, the company can apply for the Emergency Use Authority.

Bansell detailed the sobering timeline at a Wall Street Journal event saying that if they missed the November date, it could push the vaccine’s authority as early as 2021 by the end of the year. But Modern will still be on track to produce vaccine supplements by the end of the year in preparation.

In anticipation of a vaccine by the end of the year for high-risk and vulnerable populations, the government last week contracted with both CVS (CVS) and Walgreens (WBA) to help clinical professionals conduct the vaccine in long-term care facilities Put signature on. . They will have vaccines for both employees and residents.

To that end, CVS also announced that 15,000 technicians would be hired on Monday – largely in anticipation of the time it takes to become full-time on a temporary basis, as well as in anticipation of a public rush when a vaccine is available for the wider market .

In the meantime, what happens to antibodies and other treatments remains to be seen in clinical trials. Immunic (IMUX), which is working on an oral treatment for COVID-19, received approximately $ 3 million in a venture loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The drug, which is a Phase 2 clinical trial, “may reduce the number of critically ill COVID-19 patients,” said Ebroise Fayol, vice president of EIB in charge of innovation and lending in Germany, leading health systems , Relieving burden on patients and families. Alike. ”

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