America joins Paris Climate Agreement

President Joe Biden signs executive orders at the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, following his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States, January 20, 2021.

Tom Brenner | Reuters

President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order to rejoin the US in the Paris Climate Accord, his first major action to combat global warming as he brings the largest team of climate change experts to the White House Huh.

The Biden administration also intends to revoke permits for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the US and sign additional orders in the coming days so that many of former President Donald Trump’s actions undermine environmental safety.

Biden vows to move fast on climate change action, and the inclusion of scientists in the government marked the beginning of a major policy change four years after the Trump administration’s weakening of climate regulations in favor of fossil fuel producers. it occurs.

Almost every country in the world is part of the Paris Agreement, a landless non-settlement agreement between countries to reduce their carbon emissions. Trump withdrew the US from the pact in 2017.

Natural Resources Defense Council President Michel Barnard said Biden’s order to reissue the agreement makes America a part of the global solution to climate change rather than a problem.

“It is swift and decisive action,” Bernard said in a statement. “It sets the stage for the comprehensive action that we now need to face the climate crisis while still having time to act.”

With a slim democratic majority in the Senate, Biden could potentially achieve large portions of his ambitious climate agenda, including advancing the clean energy transition by 2035, cutting carbon emissions from the power sector and achieving net-zero Includes an economic plan of $ 2 trillion. Emissions by 2050.

During his first few months in office, Biden hopes to sign a wave of executive orders to address climate change, including conserving 30% of America’s land and water by 2030, drilling Arctic National Wildlife Asylum Safeguarding and restoring and enhancing the role. Science in government decisions

Some legal actions on the climate will take longer, including the administration’s plan to address Trump’s environmental deficiencies on regulations governing clean air and water and planet-warming emissions. According to research by Columbia Law School, the Trump administration overturned more than 100 environmental regulations in four years.

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“To protect the gray wolves from Paris to Keystone, these first moves of the President Biden show are serious to prevent the climate and extinction crisis,” said Kiran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. “These strong steps should be the start of a furious race to prevent catastrophe.”

The next major climate conference of the United Nations will take place in Glasgow, Scotland in November. The countries involved in the agreement will give updated emission targets for the next decade.

One goal of the agreement is to maintain an increase in global temperature below 2 ° C, or 3.6 ° F, compared with preindustrial levels. The Earth is set to heat up to 1.5 C, or 2.7 F, over the next two decades.

Robert Shrewark, executive director of North America at Carbon Tracker, reiterated the agreement’s signals to global markets that the US would make tackling climate change a priority, but added what the administration should do to reduce its emissions .

The United States is the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind China. It is expected to be an updated climate target and a concrete plan to reduce emissions from the power and energy sector.

“Reasoning is just table steak,” said John Morton, Barack Obama’s director of energy and climate at the National Security Council. “The hard work of putting the country on a course to make net zero emissions by mid-century begins now.”


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