AMD on CPU and GPU chip shortage: ‘it’s very, very good’

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su was recently on Jim Cramer and his Monday segment “Mad Money,” right after the company unveiled its next-generation Zen 3-based EPYC processors.

During the chat, Su spoke not only about the new 3rd generation EPYC processors, but also about the chip shortage that is affecting everything right now. CPUs, and especially GPUs, are almost impossible to buy and when you can buy them, prices skyrocket out of control. But hey, this is all good for AMD.

But it was the comments about the chip shortage directly that Cramer asked the question “Is it good or bad for AMD?“Regarding the shortage. Su said”we have a huge demand, the demand is very, very strong“They continue to see record growth in multiple areas, including PC, gaming and data centers. Lisa added:”to answer your question, it’s good, it’s very good“.

Lisa said that we can “count on” that AMD will increase production so that the overall supply number increases and they can better meet demand, and Lisa sees that the incredible demand will not stop this year. The company is busy, but “busy in a good way“.

AMD on CPU and GPU chip shortage: 'it's very, very good' 507 |


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