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AMD confirms the release of the third quarter of 2019 for Zen 2 and Navi

Third generation Ryzen, EPYC and Radeon VII + Navi, all in Q3

During its annual shareholders' meeting, AMD has confirmed that its third-generation Ryzen CPUs, 2nd generation EPYC and Navi-based graphics cards will be launched in the third quarter of 2019.

Although we expect the 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs to be a little earlier, it seems that AMD will have its hands busy in the third quarter, with several launches. With Computex 2019 just around the corner, there will be many new details about these new products, and AMD has already scheduled a "Next Horizon Gaming" event broadcast live for the E3 2019.

Radeon VII will remain AMD's high-end offering, at least for this year. We already wrote that the first graphic cards based on Navi will be directed to the main market in June of last year, and even AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, pretty much confirmed during the February announcement of revenue that Navi will coexist with Radeon VII, which will remain as the high-end graphics card.

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Earlier this month, there were some suggestions that AMD could launch Navi-based graphics cards at E3 2019, which occurred shortly after the AMD CEO confirmed the release in the third quarter of 2019, and performance rumors that they faced RTX 2070 were quite difficult.

This means we will not lose these next-generation AMD products on the retail / e-tail shelves until July. In any case, AMD will have a busy second half of the year and, hopefully, its next generation line will continue to press the competition and the company will be able to fulfill its roadmap promises.

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