AMC to open theater in some locations in Orange County, while ‘Drive’ is set to play at LA Drive-In

Reportedly, the AMC theaters have steamrolled again in more locations after opening their locations in San Diego, California, and saw promising numbers for the summer blockbuster “Tenet”.

As Orange County, California announced earlier this week that its new threshold allows for more business openings, the movie theater giant said it would officially open four locations this weekend. The doors will reopen, followed by the AMC Woodbridge sept in Irvine, California. 18.

Deadline reported on Thursday that Southern California was a hot market for Warner Bros. ‘”Tenet” and the studio is aiming to revamp those locations in the coming days and weeks as more locations re-open.

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According to local ordinances regarding social disturbances and reopening protocols, AMC locations in Orange County have a seating limit of 25% of maximum capacity or a maximum of 100 guests.

The outlet said with the reopening of this week in Orange County, as well as inclusion in the Maryland and New Jersey markets, the total theater count would be north of 460.

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“AMC record points are being awarded to those filmmakers for the cleanliness that AMC’s commitment to the health and safety of AMC’s guests and associates,” wrote a press release. Gone, given that within just 20 days of its reopening. At first places, AMC saw 1 million admissions in the US alone.

“We are excited to welcome our guests back to the movies in the Orange County area, where they will experience the magic of the big screen with our new AMC safe and clean policies and procedures,” AMC, CEO and AMC President Adam Aron Said theater.

This image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows John David Washington in a scene from ‘Ten’. (Melinda Sue Gordon / Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP, FEEL)

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“Our extensive commitment to operate our theaters safely includes ticket sales and automatic seat blocking, seamless contactless ticketing, greatly enhanced cleaning processes, hand cleaning in our theaters and availability of disinfectant wipes as well as a Compulsory mask policy is included. To all the guests and crew members, ”he continued. “We are also closely monitoring local and state guidance, and we are complying with any additional capacity restrictions.”

The executive added: “In addition, we have invested millions for high-tech solutions for sanitation and disinfection, including electrostatic sprayers, HEPA vacancies and MERV 13 air filters. Guests returning to AMC can do this by knowing that we are constantly interacting with top scientists and experts in public health and explaining how to reopen our theaters in ways that are responsible and Would be welcome ”

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‘Tenet’ is set to play in drive-in theaters throughout Los Angeles. (Melinda Sue Gordon / Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP, FEEL)

In addition, with the success of the $ 200 million Christopher Nolan portrait over Labor Day weekend, “Tenet” will also be played at drive-in theaters throughout Los Angeles, the Hollywood Reporter said on Thursday.

“Tenet” can soon be seen on screen at five drive-in locations in the Los Angeles area, including Paramount, which is already listed as “Coming Soon” on its site, as well as Orange County, Outdoor locations and the Bay Area in San Diego.

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The coronovirus epidemic allowed a resurgence in drive-in movie theaters due to social visionary guidelines that welcomed the norms of the past while enjoying the film at the periphery of one’s vehicle.