Amber Ruffin teaches Turner Classic Movies that troublesome flops need some context, too

Amber ruffin

Amber ruffin
Screenshot: The Amber Ruffin Show

Friday Amber Flyer Show saw the host doing his best Ben Mankiewicz parking herself in a leather chair next to some potted plants and complementing one of Turner’s classic movies. newest programming segment (and more controversial for his racist relatives), Reformulated classics. As Amber explained to the uninitiated, old movies used to be very troublesome.matic when viewed through our stream (and still woefully unstable) lens. So TCM has been making some contextualizing / retroactive apologies for the occasional / constant blind spots from film companies, offensive casting options, and just plain wrong bigotry. Long-loved movies from Jazz singer (Al Jolson in black face), gone With the Wind (Slavery is not that bad!), Rope (gay people they are killers of emotions), Children’s time (gays are guilt-ridden depressives), Dragon seed (literally all in “yellow face“), Y Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Mickey Rooney as Mr. To Yunioshi, ’nuff said) a thoughtful prologue has been added to all of them that examines the complex subject of the things we love, which sometimes contain things we emphatically do not love.

But what about those movies that are not only unloved classics, but are also harrowingly recent and need a context of “it was the times”? That’s where Amber is Reformulated flops enters. First, the maybe slightly underrated John carter, which according to Amber is “widely recognized as the biggest box office failure in history” (depending on your metric). Starting in full-movie academic mode, Ruffin explained that the notorious financial failure features as his hero, “a Confederate soldier going to Mars, and—” wait wait. Ruffin’s analysis practically stopped there, noting in shock that the movie came out in the oh-so-a long year ago … 2012. “I thought it was a silent movie!” A puzzled Ruffin pointed out, before continuing.

Sadly, from 1999 The thirteenth warrior It also resulted in the need for a rethinking, with the Spanish Antonio Banderas playing a Muslim poet. (Ruffin did not mention the Flavored with the UK cacophoany of the 12 other “Vikings” in the movie, but, well, one insensitive cast choice at a time). Asked in disbelief if Omar Sharif was unavailable, Ruffin was doubly stunned by the revelation that the legendary actor wasn’t just in the John McTiernan-targeted pump in a minor role, but I thought it was bad enough to withdraw from herejingle for a moment. Man, tough stuff, but Ruffin was characterized by his optimism and moved ahead to second place on the all-time flop (again, depending on his measure), 2013’s The Lone Ranger. After all, that one starred Armie hammer. Y Johnny depp. What Fool. “OKAYoh, that was dumb, they were dumb ” He waved a well-known Ruffin, adding, “This segment is over.” Still, with The Hollywood Record in this area, Reframed Flops are sure to make a comeback, especially since Ruffin recently revealeded the good news that his show has been itself renewed once more, this time until September.


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