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Amber was involved in a ton of drama during the premiere of the November 27 season of "Teen Mom OG & # 39 ;. First, she almost attacked Mackenzie. And then, she surprised Matt by ending his engagement.

Farrah Abraham may think that she is the star of Teen Mom OG but Amber Portwood was involved in most of the drama during the premiere of the season of 27 of November! He not only attacked Ryan's wife Mackenzie but also had a great drama with Matt . You see, MTV did something interesting with the premiere of season 7 where we could see what happened behind the scenes during the season 6 meeting. Last season, we saw Mackenzie read a scathing letter to Maci during which he accused Maci of exploiting Ryan's drug use in order to have a juicy story. But what we did not see until now was that Mackenzie met Amber in the backstage. And that's when Amber confronted her, called her "f *** ing c ***" and chided her for attacking Maci on stage. It was intense and security almost had to intervene, but Mackenzie ran out in a frenzy. Then, when Maci came to the backstage, Amber hugged her and told her what happened. As you can see in the photo gallery above, Maci only smiled when she heard about the tense interaction.

What was also interesting was to hear Mackenzie talk to a producer about Ryan's drug use. While in rehab, Mackenzie told one of the producers that he was spending $ 10,000 per week on drugs. Is not that crazy? We wonder how much of his Teen Mom OG money he blew while using drugs. It was probably a lot of money. But anyway, we're happy to know that Ryan got the help he needed. With luck, he is still on the straight.

And speaking of staying sober, once Amber returned home after filming the meeting special in New York City, Matt confirmed that he relapsed "pretty hard" before leaving the city. He said he was not ashamed to admit it, and the rest of his stash was thrown into the toilet. He tried to say that was the one who threw the rest of his drugs, but Amber intervened, saying that she was the one who got rid of his stash. Then, she suggested that they stop planning a wedding, and he agreed. He really suggested that they start looking for therapy together, and she agreed, but she took things a step further by saying that they should also call her commitment. He, on the other hand, was surprised when she said that. This must have been the beginning of the end for them, since we now know that they are dating someone else and pregnant with their child.

In another news from Teen Mom OG Catelynn moved out before buying a horse, and Farrah threw a 26th birthday party in New York, after the recording of the meeting. He reluctantly invited his mother and David, and perhaps for a good reason. Once at the party, David approached Farrah's father, Michael, and asked if he had any questions for him. Michael said no, but instead, he wanted to give David advice. However, David said he did not want any advice and they almost got into a fist fight. Security intervened, and then the two boys left for a deeper conversation, during which David strongly suggested that Michael push Farrah to therapy. Oy vey.

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