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Amazon's announcement states that Echo Spot is about union, not espionage

Technically incorrect offers a slightly twisted view of the technology that has taken over our lives.

Everything about the union?

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Have you already ordered your Apple HomePod ?

Or his heart longs for a smart speaker with a camera and a screen that allows Amazon to enter his life is always, well, necessary?

With the perfect weather, Amazon has just launched its first ad for the Echo Spot. And tears tears from your eyes, one by one.

Grandma is left alone. Your family left. She is sad and lonely. Well, she has a very good cat.

Suddenly, an Amazon box arrives.

In it is an Echo Spot, the alarm-clock device that my colleague Ry Crist found a little disappointing in his review .

With the Echo Spot delivered to the grandmother, there is a card. "Alexa, call home," he says.

Grandma tries it and her family magically appears on the screen.

Everyone is happy to see her and it is clear that, from now on, everyone will live happily ever after.

It is a powerful story, which will surely resonate with families who live far away from each other. Although some might murmur that whole families might not be so happy that the grandmother would just drop by like that. They will be too busy looking at their personal devices.

Still, I can not get used to the intrusive element that such gadgets bring with them.

Amazon insists that the Spot does not spy on you.

It says that it only transmits the power of the camera during video calls and add-ons – the function that allows allowed parties to intrude on others without notice . (Those who are dropped have 10 seconds to refuse their drop-in or put on some clothes.)

I find that my natural mistrust does not completely encompass the company's promises. In this, however, I am sure that I am a minority.

People have renounced the notion of privacy, until theirs is seriously compromised.

That's why Amazon's message here is very tempting. "Be Together More", concludes the announcement.

Yes, but with whom am I really united?

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