Amazon’s Alexa Android Application Is Now Available In India


Amazon has updated its Alexa application for Android and iOS, allowing for users in India to download and use the application and adding a few new features. Some new skills are also available, specifically catering to the region. For those who don’t already know, the application is designed to set up and manage Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, including Echo-branded devices sold by the company. It also provides a visual interface for the connected speakers and a way to call and message certain Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, or mobile phones that have the app installed. Alexa Skills, meanwhile, are effectively useful interactions with companies or brands that allow users to get more out of their devices.

For the India launch, Amazon is bringing skills sponsored by NDTV, Ola, Saavn, Sportskkeeda, Syska, Times of India, and more. That means users will be able to get their local news, weather, music, and other media, from local providers directly through Alexa, rather than having to set up for a different region. With that said, it may be advisable for users in India to re-perform an initial set up any Alexa-enabled devices in order to get the best experience. It’s worth mentioning that there may be a couple of bugs still present as well since this is the first launch of Amazon Alexa for the region. Thankfully, once Amazon Alexa devices begin to show up in the country, it shouldn’t take too long for Amazon to work out what those problems are and fix them.

In addition to the new availability for users in India, Amazon’s Alexa app has gotten a few new features. Updates to the Smart Home section of the application will now allow for renaming and group organization of connected smart devices – such as lights, thermostats, and more. Following that, a Multi-Room Music section has been added so that those groups can be controlled all at once to play music, using a group name rather than having to control devices individually. Finally, a Routines section has been added in order to provide users with a way to automate actions across their home. That includes both Smart Home devices and audio controls, and automation can be activated with a customizable command. Anybody interested in getting the application for themselves can hit the Google Play Store button below.

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