AmazonBasics products explode, fire begins: report

Dozens of Amazon products sold under its AmazonBasics line exploded and caught fire, CNN reported on Thursday, Citing customer reviews and interviews.

According to CNN analysis on its website of AmazonBasics Electronics & Appliances, in at least 1,500 reviews, covering more than 70 items, arson, smoke, melting, electrical malfunction or otherwise hazardous products since 2016. Is described.

Many customers in reviews reportedly called the item dangerous, using words such as “hazard” or “fire” to describe them, or calling to recall the products. Some customer reviews include images showing explosions or burnt objects.

About 30 items with three or more of those reviews remain for sale on Amazon’s website, while CNN published its report that at least 11 others were not for sale at the time.

Amazon confirmed to CNN that at least one of these products was under scrutiny, but the company said they determined they all met their safety standards.

CNN also shipped two damaged AmazonBasics products, which were obtained from customers for testing by the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE).

A USB cord sent by CNN was burned by researchers to determine what went wrong, but testing in the microwave found a panel design covering the panel’s heating device, which could cause a fire in it. According to CNN, as soon as the researchers turned it on, the microwave started sparking and smoking. The test was shortened when the lab was shut down due to COVID-19.

Engineering professor Michael Pickett, founder of CALCE and who has previously helped with government security investigations, “There is a risk in using this machine, and it is a safety risk because it is clearly heated to the extent of a fire Could “. Told CNN. “This is more than a reliability problem, it is a potential security issue.”

A spokesman for Amazon said in a statement to The Hill that the company “believed” AmazonBasic Microwave “is safe to use.”

“We take a number of steps to keep our products safe, including rigorous testing by our security teams and third-party laboratories. The spokesperson said the equipment continues to meet or run FDA, UL, FCC, Prop 65 and all certification requirements established for safety and functionality.

The spokesperson also said that “safety is a top priority at Amazon” and that the company is “working with third-party labs to ensure safety and set compliance standards, testing products to ensure safety.” Including doing “takes a number or proactive steps to ensure this. And compliance standards and monitored customer feedback for any indicator of safety or quality concern.

Amazon also posted a blog post on Thursday in response to a CNN story about the products, which have a “process to ensure our products are protected” by the company.

“We are constantly refining our processes and leveraging new technologies to ensure that AmazonBasics products are safe for their intended use. We want customers to shop for our products with confidence, and if there is any concern, you can Contact our Customer Service team And we will investigate immediately, ”the company said.