Amazon, Walmart asks consumers to waive returns of unwanted goods

Retailers have a new message for consumers who want to return an item: keep it. Inc., Walmart Inc. And other companies are using artificial intelligence to decide whether it makes economic sense to process returns. For inexpensive items or larger ones that impose heavy shipping charges, it is often cheaper to refund the purchase price and let customers keep the products.

The relatively new approach, popularized by Amazon and some other chains, is being adopted more widely during the Kovid-19 epidemic, with online shopping forces booming into companies as to how they handle returns. Narwar Inc. CEO Amit Sharma said, “We are getting so much inquiries about this that you will complete it in the coming months.” ”

Laurie Anderson of Vancouver, Laurie, was pleasantly surprised when she tried to return online purchases of makeup from Walmart to Target and Batteries. The chains issued him a refund but asked him to keep the item.

“They were inexpensive, and it didn’t take much financial sense to return them by mail,” said 38-year-old Ms. Anderson. “It is a hassle to pack the box and leave it at the post office or UPS. This was one less thing I had to worry about. “


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