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Amazon video probably comes to Apple TV tomorrow

Well, it seems that the Amazon Video application for Apple TV will come out tomorrow. For a short time, both Amazon and Apple published pages that indicated that the application would come out tomorrow. Now, both have been eliminated.

(The morning note marks 6 months since the Amazon Video application was first announced on the Apple TV.)

For a while, this list appeared on the Amazon website:

I love Amazon Prime. For $ 99 a year, we get a super fast delivery (until the same day!), A large selection of free eBooks and early access to the main savings. Now, we can also relax and watch some of the best entertainment with Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV. The elegant service is packed with excellent movies, television sneakers and even Thursday Night Football.

A user of Reddit also noticed that if he set his date for December 6, the Amazon application appeared in the Apple application store. (This gap has been closed since then.)

As I said, my time / date is set for tomorrow. That's relevant because I saw the story at the top of the "Today" tab when I opened the App Store. This is how I got the link.

The details are still thin, but look for the Amazon Vidoe application to arrive tomorrow at Apple TV.

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