Amazon unveils its new luxury store experience

Amazons title illustration for retailers while they're down (again)

Screenshot: Adventuress

If you haven’t heard, retail is in trouble. Apart from Hundreds After the permanent closure of the clothing stores that came to shopping in the scorching halt of the coronovirus, we have not spent the last year even seeing the slow (though less tragic) decline of mall staples Messi’s And Jc penny, Not to mention bankruptcy forever 21 And Niman Marcus. Meanwhile, consumers are surveying suggestion There is a good chance that some people will be fine with never setting foot in a brick and mortar shop again.

It is against this shamefully backdrop that Amazon rolled Luxury store, Which can be one of the most obnoxious enterprises. $ 1.5 trillion The company has started. Invitation-only program is for giving 1% What company to use Call There is a “one store within the store” experience inside the Amazon app. Brands can “freely decide about their inventory, selection and pricing,” what they want to display on their Amazon page, and potential customers can refuse their merchandise via a full 360-degree Views of every piece of clothing in the highest The extension may muster Amazon’s site.

“With Prime Delivery, enjoy access to the latest collections and exclusive items from each luxury brand,” the company describes Website, Which labels it as “the address for the world’s most in-demand fashion and beauty brands is in the palm of your hand”.

in despite of Largest retailer For clothing across the US, Amazon struggled for years for high-end brands (and their high-end shoppers). Major couture brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel have replaced their respective noses as ecommerce giants Far behind As of 2016, there are many counterfeits floating in the Amazon ecosystem that directly benefit the company from every day, citing concerns about many.

Earlier this year, LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault (who largely oversees housing Louis Vuitton, Fendi and others) outright said:

“They use their database to connect customers to vendors and they take a percentage, which leads them – and we’re going to try to fight fake-products on their site and others to sell them Huh.”

Yes no thanks And that’s not even touching Generic brand There has been talk of dominating the stage over the years and the fact that the Amazon store is just the format Doesn’t scream “Upscale” For the average upscale shopper. Perhaps this is why Vogue’s snoops within the app Got hands onLook different on the white color scheme with its restrained design and gold, as opposed to the average Amazon pages we see when Guy Fiery shopped for hoodies (or Anything else) on Saturday night.

The luxury store feels like a resounding victory based on Amazon’s merits and the more it looks like the result of a perfect epidemic-induced storm. An entire country remained largely closed for months. Turned to amazon To fix their shopping and now stuck in the web of that company.

In the company’s last quarter, subscription services Skyrocketing, And the company raised $ 50 + billion in retail sales. If Bezos’s ultimate goal for his company is to shop online Synonym With the Amazon brand, he is doing a great job.

That’s why Vogue’s interview with Alex Boleyn – the CEO of luxury retailer Oscar de la Renta and the first brand to partner in Amazon’s latest venture – specifically allowed Bolan to match these types with the brand’s previous austerity Was told about. Partnership (Our emphasis):

I think 100% of our current customers are on Amazon and a large percentage of them are prime members. So they are already in that environment. “In addition to acquiring new customers, I want to get more mindshare with existing customers – this is the name of the game. We want to talk to her comfortably where she is comfortable shopping. ”

When pressed for alleged resistance to luxury for the world’s largest online retailer, he says: “The idea that you don’t want to talk to a customer where he’s spending a lot of his time is a mistake.”

Amazon’s market is an average product. Rife with Fraud, Fake reviews, And the dirt you can actually get Killed. Are subject to the people who operate it Inhumane workplace conditions and sometimes die As a result. But ultimately, for Amazon, as long as it can maintain the market power of the average product, nothing seems to matter, and in turn, use the same market power Strong competitor Playing by Amazon’s unfair rules. I amIn terms of its luxury wing, it seems that Amazon has finally managed to gain an edge. On one Of Its toughest opponents Not only through Brutal force, but by taking advantage of a deadly, economy-crushing global epidemic.