Amazon to open 700,000-square-foot robotic fulfillment center in Texas

Retail giant Adventuress (NASDAQ: AMZN) It was announced today that it would open a new 700,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Waco, Texas. The new facility is said to be slated for the opening date of 2021 and will expand the company’s fulfillment network as well as create 1,000 local jobs.

The project is the company’s second fulfillment-center announcement for the state of Texas this year. Back in July, Amazon said it would open a facility in Pflugerville, Texas, which is also larger at 820,000 square feet. The company once again said that it would open in 2021 and create more than 1,000 jobs. Amazon Notes has spent more than $ 10.5 billion over the past decade, expanding its web of fulfillment centers.

Image Source: Amazon, Inc.

COVID-19 has greatly accelerated the change in online retail. According to reported in the matrix Forbes, A major force driving grocery orders is the fulfillment-center expansion, with Internet grocery sales totaling 10.2% at the beginning of October, compared to 4.3% before the epidemic.

Not only is Amazon expanding its delivery network to meet online demand for groceries and other items, but it is also cashing in on skyrocketing e-commerce advertising. The company is set to record 76% of the estimated $ 17.4 billion spent on e-commerce advertising in the US this year.

The new Waco Fulfillment Center will combine human labor and robotics using standard systems for such facilities. According to Amazon, the use of robots at its centers such as moving heavy straps from one location to another and other “drug work” increases efficiency, so a “robotics fulfillment center” is up 40% compared to a similar facility Can store and handle more inventory. There is a lack of partial automation.

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