Amazon stars as the show starring Nicholas Cage, the exotic The Tiger King

Joe Exotique, left, will be played in a new show by Nicholas Cage, seen on the right at the 1997 Con Air.

Netflix / Touchstone Pictures

Amazon has chosen an eight-episode screenplay series starring Nicholas Cage as Ocotic, the owner of Oklahoma Big-Cat Park whose story captured Coronovirus-stricken nation Tiger king. It would be the first television role of Cage’s five-decade acting career.

Cage’s representative confirmed his role in May but declined to go into detail about the show. Amazon Studios, which produced the series, confirmed the pickup on Thursday.

The series is produced by Leaf Rigstad in Texas Monthly magazine’s article Exotic: A Dark Journey into the World of a Man Gone Wild, and comes from Imagine Entertainment and CBS TV Studios. (Revealed: Viacom is the parent company of CBSE.)

Read: CNET’s interview with Joel McHale in which he discusses the community and Tiger King.

56-year-old Cage won the 1995 Best Actor Academy Award for Leading Las Vegas. His other films include Adaptation, Moonstruck, Rising Arizona, Face / Off and The Ghost Rider, and National Treasure films. His quirky personality and appearance, as well as his Unusual Film Choice, Which makes him an obvious natural to play the foreigner, who is now serving 22-year prison sentence in Texas. Cage’s name often came up in a scripting article dreaming for the Exotic story – Including CNET’s version.

The idea of ​​Cage playing the troubled zoo owner captured fans’ imaginations from the start. Late night host Jimmy Fallon also donated mullet and attractive shirtimic cage mimic foreign – And that’s very true.

Dan Lagaan, whose bizarre Netflix mockumentary American Vandal was a Netflix hit in 2017, will serve as a showrunner.

Following the March debut of Netflix’s documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Scramble and Madness, which turned Exotic’s life and times into one Hot Hollywood Property. Netflix has a Aftershaw episode hosted by Joel McHale, Producer Rick Kirkham Pay-per-view special, The Investigation Discovery Network is planning a series, and even another miniseries.

NBC Universal has opted for a popular podcast about Joe Exotic and cast a Saturday Night Live comedian Kate Mackinnon As Joe’s nemesis, animal worker Carole Beskin. And Beskin has now been cast in the new season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, where his first song will be – duh – Survivor’s 1982 hit, Eye of the Tiger.

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