Amazon PS5 Restock Gradually Live Twice With No Announcement

An important PS5 console restock went live on Amazon US before today.

This caught shoppers by surprise, with no prior announcement by Amazon.

It was Amazon’s first major stock since its November 12 release date.

It is estimated that the snake was bitten by thousands of shopkeepers. Most orders have been shown to be due for delivery between 30 December 2020 and 5 January 2021.

PS5 Shipping Date Amazon U.S.

Unfortunately, most buyers arrived late. Although the site still stated that the PS5 was in-stock, they received an error message when trying to add it to the basket.

PS5 Amazon US error message

It is shown when the product is already out of stock, but the front-end of the site has not been updated.

How long did amazon us restock?

The PS5 disc version was in stock just after 11AM EST and they all went exactly 9 minutes before it was gone. It came back in stock just before 4PM EST, hanging around for only a minute.

Meanwhile, the PS5 digital version was in stock just before 12PM EST and lasted only 2 minutes.

Either version of the PS5 was only available for a maximum of 12 minutes. It’s no surprise How soon PS5 is selling at other retailers.

When will the PS5 be back-in-stock on Amazon US?

There has been no official announcement from Amazon regarding PS5 re-stock.

However, a reliable insider has suggested that more stocks will be repurchased during January 2021. Earlier this year, Sony’s flagship supply increased.

Our sources have correctly predicted Major PS5 rests on target And are constantly monitoring the status of other retailers.

If you still haven’t given yourself a console, you can use our PS5 Stock Tracker for USA Retailers.

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