Amazon Prime Day offer: $ 200 discount on the Eero Mesh router


Editor's note: This agreement seems to have been exhausted, but we expect it to reappear when Prime Day begins on July 15.

If your home has too many Wi-Fi dots for your taste, a mesh router can help ensure that every inch of your home has connectivity. And at Amazon Prime Day, you have the opportunity to save Eero Home's Wi-Fi system, with a $ 200 discount that reduces the price to $ 199.

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Eero Home WiFi System: It was $ 399 now only $ 199 on Amazon
Mesh routers such as the Eero WiFi System can be a large home with a wireless signal, eliminating dead spots. This Prime Day discount of $ 200 allows you to enjoy the extended coverage of a mesh router without the greatest cost

The Eero Wi-Fi system includes an Eero Pro router plus a pair of beacons that work with your home Wi-Fi. With two beacons, Eero says it can provide a continuous Wi-Fi network for a home of up to four rooms. As a triple band router, the Eero Pro is capable of sending Wi-Fi through three radio bands at the same time.

We reviewed the original Eero router and discovered that it offered a strong radio signal and very good security. Since then, Eero has launched a newer version that offers better wireless coverage, and this is the model currently on sale at Amazon.

Mesh routers are ideal for larger homes, but those extra beacons can increase the cost above what you would pay for a traditional router. The discounted sale price in the Eero system allows you to opt for the broader coverage of a mesh router without the additional expense.

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