Amazon Prime Day 2019 PS4 and PSVR Gaming Deals: Best Deals On PS4 and PSVR


Amazon Prime Day 2019 Game offerings for PS4 and PSVR: the best deals for PS4 and PSVR

Amazon Prime Day 2019 It starts on Monday July 15 and lasts 48 hours, offering excellent deals on a variety of game products for PS4 Y PSVR. In addition to Amazon offerings, other retailers will try to get a slice of the money cake. Below you can find all the best. PS4 Y PSVR game offers on the web both in the WE Y UK.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 US offers: PS4 and PSVR

PS4 hardware

On the hardware side, Walmart currently offers a PS4 Pro for only $ 349.99.

You can get a Dualshock 4 in various colors on Amazon from $ 44.10.

The PlayStation Platinum wireless headset on Amazon is available for only $ 119.40.

PS4 games

The details of the Amazon games are currently live with some notable discounts:

Gamestop currently has a summer sale that offers a number of discounts on PS4 games. The full list can be found here, but below are the most notable discounts:

Walmart also launched a sale of several games, with some great discounts:

Amazon Prime Day 2019 United Kingdom offers: PS4 and PSVR

PS4 hardware

Amazon offers 15 months of PS Plus for only £ 48.99 (discount on payment).

A variety of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles have a discount on Amazon.

You can get a variety of PS4 consoles from 500GB in ShopTo ranging from £ 229.85 to £ 249.85.

GAME offers a 500GB PS4 console with 2 months of NOW TV and Days Gone + The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind for £ 249.99. The same deal is available for £ 249.99, but it changes Days Gone for Marvel's Spider-Man.

ShopTo offers a 1TB PS4 console with FIFA 19 for just £ 267.85.

GAME also has a 1TB PS4 Pro with 2 months of NOW TV and Red Dead Redemption 2 + The Edler Scrolls Online: Morrowind for £ 349.99. The same offer for £ 349.99 is also available, but it changes Red Dead Redemption 2 for Marvel's Spider-Man. The same offer is also available for £ 349.99 but with Days Gone.

The PlayStation VR Mega Pack has a discount on Amazon at £ 209.00.

Currently, ShopTo has a variety of Dualshock 4 controllers priced at £ 39.85.

The PlayStation Gold wireless headset on ShopTo costs £ 59.85.

PS4 games

ShopTo has a selection of advance orders that are discounted from the retail price. The complete list can be found here. Below you can find the highlights:

Amazon has a selection of game offers. The complete list can be found here. Below you can find the highlights:

The games tend to be petty with the prices of PS4 and PSVR for the games. However, there are some that can be found below:

A number of other PS4 and PSVR titles are discounted in ShopTo. The complete list can be found here. Below are the highlights and greater discounts:

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