Amazon opens Alexa Skill notifications for more developers –

Amazon opens Alexa Skill notifications for more developers


Amazon is opening Alexa skill notifications to more developers starting today, although it's worth mentioning that developers who are interested in this opportunity to use Alexa skill notifications should apply to be part of the program . Alexa skill notifications are not completely new since there are some applications that already use the new functionality, such as Dominos, that will alert you to the status of your incoming pizza order.

Amazon plans to deploy Alexa skill notifications for most users will begin in the first quarter of 2018, so this extension of compatible developers aims to really take energetic action and help Amazon to put the finishing touches to the function before its public launch next year. If the developers are interested in requesting to use the notifications for their skills, you just have to do a small survey and Amazon says they would reveal those surveys and then respond to the developer with the subset of skills that apply to the use case. of the notification function and that they meet the criteria and requirements.

If you are not sure what those requirements are, Amazon seems to make it very clear what you will not tolerate for the use of notifications, and this practically breaks until you do not use the notification of skills for promotional or advertising purposes of any kind, and This is likely because Amazon feels it would be an invasion of privacy for the user. That said, Amazon wants notifications of these skills to be customized for the user and Amazon wants notifications to be based on transactions such as the status of a pizza order as described above. This means that any developer interested in using notifications will want to consider whether or not their ability conforms to that guideline, although Amazon does not state that the notification is required to be based on a transaction, only that it prefers it. These notifications will work for Amazon's alignment of Echo devices such as Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and third-party speakers powered by Alexa. Amazon does not mention if this would be compatible or not with the Alexa application that can be installed on smartphones.

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