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Amazon Music vs. Apple Music: Amazon now grows faster

A new report of Financial times today it is detailed that Amazon Music Unlimited has become the fastest growing music transmission service, surpassing both Spotify and Apple Music. This comes after Apple vice president Eddy Cue recently confirmed that Apple Music had reached 60 million subscribers.

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The report says that Amazon Music Unlimited has grown around 70 percent in the last year. In April, Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music had a total of 32 million subscribers. Part of what is driving Amazon's growth is the integration with Alexa's low-cost products.

However, Amazon has gained momentum in recent months, driven by its ubiquity with consumers and Alexa, its popular intelligent assistant, which can play music through voice commands issued to its wireless echo speaker. "[Amazon] They have done everything possible [music]"Said a senior music executive at one of the major record labels." We see high commitment in his service. "

Amazon Music Unlimited runs $ 10 per month, like Apple Music, but it is reduced to $ 8 per month for Prime members. In addition, it drops to $ 4 per month if users only do it through an Echo speaker. For its part, Amazon says it is targeting an audience other than Apple Music and Spotify:

About 14 percent of Amazon Music subscribers are 55 or older, compared to only 5 percent of Spotify customers, Midia said. "We are not fighting for the same clients as everyone else," said Boom. "For the industry to reach its full potential, we can not look at young people between the ages of 15 and 22."

Eddy Cue confirmed last month that Apple Music now has 60 million paid subscribers. Meanwhile, Spotify recently confirmed that it has more than 100 million paying users. Last summer, Apple Music had 40 million users, suggesting a growth of 20 million in the last year. That's a 50 percent growth rate, lower than Amazon's supposedly 70 percent rate.

The opposite argument is that Amazon has more space because it is now growing at a faster rate. Also, it's not clear what percentage of your subscribers are at the $ 4 per month level, instead of paying $ 10 for full access. However, Amazon's strategy of focusing on low-cost Alexa devices seems to be working at least in some way.

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