Amazon Music now has a podcast

Amazon Music now offers podcasts. The company released an update today that brings more than 70,000 shows to the stage, including some major titles, such as serial And Pod Save America, As well as new exclusive deals with shows called DJ Khaled The first one, Where he will interview artists about their successful hits and the stories behind them. DisgracelandA popular show from iHeartMedia, will also become exclusive to the platform starting in February 2021.

Podcasts can be listened to through the updated Amazon Music app, on the web or on Amazon Echo devices. Echo devices will search Amazon Music by default and remember where listeners leave, no matter which platform they use to listen to.

Wall Street Journal Report that Amazon will be selling ads for its shows, although it is unclear whether this means DJ Khalid and the other hosts will be reading the ads and, if paid customers will listen to these ads, to spotify.

Of course, it now also makes Amazon Music more as a competitor with Spotify, a company that already invests heavily in podcasts. Apple Music has now emerged as the primary flagship music streaming app yet to integrate podcasts. Apple runs Apple Podcasts, but the two remain silent on each other, even as podcasts and music are added to the platform to diversify catalogs and turn apps into go-to-place for all audio needs Is going.

Amazon Music’s podcast update is particularly intriguing given that Audible recently announced its latest and cheapest subscription plan that provides exclusive podcasts to listeners. Those shows are not included in Amazon Music, meaning that if people want to listen to an audible show, they must subscribe separately. Amazon Music, meanwhile, includes shows that are available on all platforms, which currently distinguishes it from Audible.