Amazon leaned in for a big PS5 restock: here’s when it will arrive

Amazon may be planning a significant drop in PS5 stocks in the coming days, offering gamers who are still trying to secure a next-gen PlayStation a new chance to beat the scalper robots.

Yes @ PS5StockAlertUK It is to be believed that Amazon expects to receive a shipment of around 8K consoles over the weekend. According to the PS5 tracking account, this would be a considerable increase from previous stock drops, which have seen the online retailer offer fewer than 5K units at a time.

PS5: £ 449 at Amazon
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The powerful PS5 is Sony’s flagship console. Designed for 4K gaming, as well as offering ray tracing support in various titles, it is an extraordinary machine. Buy one and you’ll be future-proof for years to come.

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