Amazon launches first online ‘luxury store’ with Oscar de la Renta

  • Amazon is partnering with Oscar de la Renta to launch “luxury stores” backed by the e-commerce giant.
  • Only “eligible principal members” who receive invitations will be able to reach the storefront.
  • The announcement is a major step forward for the online retailer, which has looked to expand its fashion offerings.
  • Brick-and-mortar retail has been devastated by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, while Amazon has seen a 40% year-over-year increase in sales in the second quarter.
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Amazon is partnering with fashion house Oscar de la Renta to launch its online, invitation-only “luxury stores”. The initiative, which will announce additional participation in the coming weeks and months, will feature powerful fashion brand design stores in Amazon’s market.

The Oscar de la Renta store avoids 360-viewing capability, allowing shoppers to view every detail of the garment before purchase, and access the Fall / Winter 2020 collection of Oscar de la Renta, which is currently only designer K is available in boutiques and on the website. For an Amazon press release.

But when one can visit the boutique or Oscar de la Renta’s website, Amazon luxury stores have an extra layer of exclusivity. Amazon is sending invitations only to “qualified Prime Members”, the company says. While Prime members can request access to the online store, Amazon declined to say how much time they would spend on the waiting list, or how many people have already been admitted.

Tuesday’s announcement is a major step forward for the online retailer, which has long sought to tap into the $ 300 billion global luxury market, and has made previous forces in the fashion industry. Since Christine Beauchamp was hired as Amazon’s head of fashion, the online retail giant has also created Prime Wardrobe, which features a “try, before you buy” feature on Prime, and Echo for short. Introduced Look, a smart camera that provided a fashion device (Echo Look) was discontinued in July, according to Verge.)

The move comes at a time when brick-and-mortar is going out of fashion. According to The Wall Street Journal, in June, Valentino sued to terminate his lease at his boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York City. And in August, Lord and Taylor announced bankruptcy and said it was closing its store after 194 years in business.

A partnership with Amazon, whose sales grew 40% in the second quarter, could be a saving grace for brands looking at their e-commerce offering amid a negative impact on COVID-19 purchases. In May, Amazon teamed up with Vogue to create a storefront for high-end designers such as Derek Lam and Tabitha Simmons, with the goal of using online sales to help independent designers.

For current Principal members, how to request access to Amazon’s Oscar de la Renta Luxury Store on your smartphone or computer: