Amazon is hiring 100,000 people for minimum-wage jobs

Jobs, which is in the United States and Canada, its operations network includes its warehouses, delivery stations and other sites. The salary is approximately the minimum wage and starts at $ 15 per hour with benefits. It is also offering “up to $ 1,000” sign-on bonuses in some cities. Amazon is offering a mix of full-time and part-time positions.

Adventuress (AMZN) Wednesday is holding a virtual career to hire for its 33,000 job openings in corporate and technical roles. Employees hired for those corporate jobs will receive an average salary of $ 150,000, including salary, stock-based compensation and benefits.
Within recent months, Amazon has announced its intentions for employees. In August, Amazon said it planned to employ 3,500 additional workers in cities across the United States, a move that would introduce the tech giant to a significant expansion of office space at a time when other tech companies are indefinitely Are embracing telecommunications for
It hired 175,000 temporary employees in the early months of the epidemic to keep up with unprecedented demand. Amazon said in May that it decided to keep 70% permanently.
Amazon has come under criticism from employees for their working conditions. Some employees and applicants recently told CNN Business that the company’s message doesn’t always match what they’ve seen inside the company’s warehouses, and that they remain concerned about congested events and training sessions, disinfectants. Limited access to the wipes and overall ability of the company to follow through on its commitments.

In response, Amazon said it had made more than 150 changes to its processes to enhance worker safety, including temperature checks.