Amazon has a secret section full of deals – but you have to be a key member to access them

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There are a lot of irresistible deals in this secret section.  (Photo: Getty)
There are a lot of irresistible deals in this secret section. (Photo: Getty)

It pays to be Amazon Prime Member. Not only do you get free two-day shipping, access to Prime Day, and unlimited Prime TV and movie streaming, but you also get exclusive Prime Member-only deals. In fact, Amazon has a page dedicated to discounts to members only, and unlike Lightning deals, these don’t expire in a few hours!

not a member? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. For exclusive deals, we recommend that you check the page frequently, as items are constantly updated. Our seven favorites are given below:

Thousands of shopkeepers told about these masks.  (Photo: Amazon)
Thousands of shopkeepers told about these masks. (Photo: Amazon)

Yes, you can also score the top rated set of face masks on sale! It features three layers and two layers of a cotton cloth. The elastic ear ties are also adjustable, and the mask itself is stretchy enough to fit on different shapes and sizes of the face. And with a 1,600 Perfect 5-Star rating, the customer rejecting this set is not a favorite.

“I have bought a dozen different style masks since the beginning of Strange Days and this is the best offer,” said a shopkeeper. “Unlike any rains, this is the only mask that suits all family members: face type, man or woman, glasses-or-not. Silicon slide adjuster quickly and easily fits right . A wire nose bridge creates a snug fit for extra protection. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. “

Charge two devices on the go.  (Photo: Amazon)
Charge two devices on the go. (Photo: Amazon)

There is nothing more annoying than running a wrong way or going out for a walk, only to realize that your phone’s battery is in red. This portable power bank is compatible with most cell phones and wireless headphones, and you can also plug in two USBs to charge multiple devices at once. And with 4,157 perfect 5-star reviews, this powerhouse is a no-brainer for just $ 24.

“One shopkeeper wrote,” My husband’s phone often does not keep charging until he is needed. “I received it for my husband as a Christmas present on the recommendation of my husband. It charged up quickly and looks very sleek and smooth. It has been great to use!.

Save on this gorgeous headset.  (Photo: Amazon)
Save on this gorgeous headset. (Photo: Amazon)

These wireless headphones have a soft padded headband and plush ear cups, so you can wear them throughout the day without feeling a stretch on your ears. The Riwbox lasts for 13 hours of music playtime, and 15 hours of talk time on a single charge, plus you can use it as a wired set should they run out of power. Available in four colors, this headset has earned over 1,700 perfect 5-star reviews – Isn’t love?

One shopkeeper shared, “I wanted something on ear headphones for work – it gets louder at the cube farm and definitely helps to get these sounds out.” “These look good and I have a nicer sound than in-ear headphones – very good bass.”

You will have a blast with this two-man swing.  (Photo: Amazon)
You will have a blast with this two-man swing. (Photo: Amazon)

No wonder the Kootek swing is Amazon’s No. 1 bestseller – it has earned over 5,100 perfect 5-star reviews! The large one is enough for two people, it comes in over 16 rich colors, and is easy to pack for camping trips, hikes or even gathering in your backyard.

“This swing is weird,” a shopkeeper enthusiastically shared. “I hung it on my balcony and it is too big for a person of 5’2 and 112 pounds. I could wrap the edges around me like a blanket which makes it very comfortable. The material is very thin and breathable, very thin as I expected but very durable. The straps are also durable and of high quality. Set up is super easy, you just wrap the straps around and clip it with a hammock. If you want to use it as a large section of cloth, the flared ends cannot be finished, and the carrying case is sewn to double as a side pocket when it hangs. Has happened. Also, the gray color looks darker than the picture. “

Do not go swimming without these.  (Photo: Amazon)
Do not go swimming without these. (Photo: Amazon)

Going for a dip? Make sure you’ve got a pair of these cute water shoes! With nearly 1,600 correct 5-star reviews, no wonder they earned the title “Amazon Choice”. Now available in over 27 colors, these unisex shoes feature anti-slip thick sole and breathable insoles.

“These shoes are great for float trips!” One reviewer shared. “They are also comfortable to walk and can swim! I love them highly recommend !! I can’t even explain it very comfortably I just love them !! “

Say goodbye to muscle loss.  (Photo: Amazon)
Say goodbye to muscle loss. (Photo: Amazon)

If you suffer from lower back, shoulder, or neck pain, this warm pad can help. It relieves muscle soreness and spasms, and feels absolutely heaven on your skin, thanks to the ultra-soft microfiber exterior. It even has adjustable heat settings, and turns off automatically, so if you leave it on before exiting, you don’t have to worry. Shoppers agreed: About 3,300 shoppers gave it four stars or higher.

“I love the size and flexibility of this heating pad!” One shopkeeper enthusiastically shared. “I’ve used it horizontally and vertically on my back, draped over my shoulders, and can be wrapped around the arm or leg. It also heats up almost immediately. I relieve people with extreme pain. I would recommend this heating pad. “

Save $ 56 on Top Rated Vacuum.  (Photo: Amazon)
Save $ 56 on Top Rated Vacuum. (Photo: Amazon)

You do not need to shell over hundreds of brand names to get a top-notch sucker. Case in point: This cordless vacuum boasts 120-watt suction, and at 3.3 pounds, it’s light enough to move from room to room without feeling like you’re breaking your back. The battery lasts a maximum of 35 minutes – long enough to vacuum most homes – and is safe to use on all types of floors.

“A shopkeeper wrote,” considering marrying this vacuum. “When we bought this vacuum we were getting it to replace our previous stick vacuum which was mostly used for light clean and quick jobs. Imagine the surprise to come and not only is it very light, but not only does it work in places of stick vacuum, but also regular vacuum, car vacuum and sweep! When they say that every surface is valid they mean every surface. What began as a normal day under the dining room table pick ended in cleaning almost the entire house because I was impressed with the features I just couldn’t resist. ”

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