Amazon halts sale of goods with “Stand Back” and “Stand By”

Amazon and other online retailers are pulling merchants from their sites adorned with words like “stand back” and “stand by” and display the Proud Boys’ insignia, a very true extremist group.

Shirts that affect words designed for sale after the president Donald Trump pronounced the phrase During his debate with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, the white supremacist group was mentioned on Tuesday night.

Individuals associated with the Proud Boys took Mr. Trump’s direction as words of encouragement, and the phrase-displaying products quickly made their way to sites including Amazon and Tespring, an online platform that allows users to create and sell their merchandise gives.

But Amazon began halting the sale of the items on Wednesday, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed. “All sellers must follow our sales guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action, including the possible removal of their account. The products in question have been removed,” the spokesperson said by email.

In the past, the ecommerce company blocked the accounts of sellers Items with Nazi or white supremacist symbols From its website. Amazon’s policy states that “prohibited listings” on its website include products that promote hate, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or organizations with such views.

Teespring also confirmed that it hung products with the phrase.

The retailer told CBSWWatch, “It has come to our attention that content promoting hate and violence is airing on Teaspring.” “We are not interested in keeping away from hate or violence, and in this case we immediately removed the designs because they violate our policies.”

Nominated by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group for white nationalist, anti-Muslim and misleading rhetoric, arrogant boys have sent their followers to demonstrations where they clashed with protesters. The group describes itself as a “Western Chauvinist”, but denies support for fascism.

“We condemn all-religions … whether it’s racism, fascism, communism or socialism,” Proud Boys leader Enrique Taro told CBS News through a representative on Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Trump Was also in cleaning mode, Claiming that he does not know who Proud Boy was.

“I don’t know who Proud Boy is. I mean, you have to give me a definition,” he told the White House South Africa. Because I really don’t know who they are. I can only say that they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work. Law enforcers will work. ”

When asked about white supremacy, Mr. Trump said, “I have always condemned any form of that.”


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