Amazon Fire TV 4K gets its biggest discount so far for just one day –

Amazon Fire TV 4K gets its biggest discount so far for just one day


Amazon has just lowered the price of its new Amazon Fire TV 4K streaming media player. Not only are we talking about a few dollars, we are talking about $ 20 to make this the best price on a 4K transmission device that we have seen .

Amazon Fire TV 4K | it was $ 69.99, now $ 49.99 @ Amazon
We were disappointed that the new 4K TV Ready Amazon Fire did not receive a discount on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, but today's offer is exactly what we were expecting. Hurry up, since the $ 20 discount and the lowest price still expire at the end of the day. See offer

The new version of Amazon Fire TV 2017 now has a dongle shape to connect it to an HDMI slot in the part Rear (or side) of your television. This is a much better design than the previous box, as we are sure you already have enough hardware around your TV.

The new voice remote powered by Alexa is great for asking you to find specific programs or movies. to see and all the leading streaming services are compatible. Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Showtime and Starz are good if you have memberships.

This is the most economical way to transmit 4K HDR content to your TV like Roku / Apple TV devices ready for 4K or 4K game consoles are much more expensive. Hell, at this price, it's only $ 10 more than the cheapo Amazon Fire TV Stick (the one that does not make 4K), so you can also protect yourself from the future with this for when you get a 4K TV. [19659007] That's not the only big discount that Amazon is running today, since there is still a huge savings on the excellent Amazon Echo Dot, which is $ 29.99 instead of the usual $ 49.99.

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