Amazon Echo Look wide availability comes at the worst possible moment

Amazon can be credited (or blamed) for creating and pushing for the fast-growing smart speaker market. Lately, he can also be blamed for making people suddenly stop and reconsider their choices. Perhaps Amazon wants to show what is always the case for their Echo devices, the retailer has just announced that their Echo Look device is now available to all US customers. UU Given his recent fiasco of privacy and what the Echo Look implies, he could be digging his own grave.

If the original Amazon Echo was already strange when it first came out, the Echo Look was even stranger. Although it is still controlled mainly by voice, its main interaction was through its camera. It was designed to take pictures of you, all for the sake of preventing a fashion disaster. The first thing in the minds of most people, however, is that they do not want to put one in their rooms.

One thing is that a device is always listening, but people find it strange when there is even a remote possibility of the same device that takes photos or records videos, especially in very private rooms. Amazon, of course, will argue that it only takes those when explicitly asked, but recent events revealed that it is not exactly difficult to accidentally trigger that.

However, if you have no problems with that, Amazon Echo Look can be your best friend when it comes to fashion. Style Check, for example, will tell you which of two styles looks best on you. Daily Look can be your fashion journal, taking a picture of your outfit every day and compiling them into an album. And Collections will be your costume organizer so you do not have to guess or try to remember what you already have. And, of course, every suggestion can be requested from Amazon if necessary.

Previously, an exclusive exclusive benefit, the Amazon Echo Look is now available to everyone, provided it is in the US. UU., Of course. $ 199.99 will get you a fashion consultant and, of course, an Alexa badistant as well.

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