Amazon Echo Dot vs. Google Home Mini: intelligent speaker comparison –

Amazon Echo Dot vs. Google Home Mini: intelligent speaker comparison


The market for home speakers is on fire and a war between Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini is already underway! The two megacorporations have become the dominant players in this artificial intelligence market, and it is therefore informative to compare the qualities of the two devices.

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First, Forbes put the two devices through their steps by setting up the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini a series of hard-to-answer questions. And although Amazon and Google have bragged about the capabilities of their new speaker devices, Forbes concluded that neither works really well.

Google Home Mini was able to answer 24/45 questions appropriately, while Forbes also gave an extra half a point to this device. But Amazon Echo Dot was not even able to respond to 50 percent of the queries that were raised successfully, getting only 18.5 out of a total of 45 in the test.

Forbes noted that both attendees have improved somewhat since the last time they were tested, but clearly there is still room for improvement. However, Google Home Mini undoubtedly stood out in this basic test of their capabilities.

Light Operation

But answering questions is only a small part of the comparison between Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. Consumers also invest in these devices in the hope that everyday household chores will be easier to carry out. So, how do these two devices deal with turning the lighting on and off?

Of course, this may differ depending on the lighting system implemented in your particular home, but the consensus of opinion is that the Google Home Mini actually deals with this instead better. The voice commands do not seem to be entirely consistent with Amazon Echo Dot at this time, which means that Google Home Mini is certainly the best domestic badistant in this department.

Music reproduction

Amazon in particular; and has music playing prominently in your marketing material for the Echo Dot, so this is another valid area to make a comparison of Amazon Echo Dot vs. Google Home Mini.

Both intelligent speakers are capable of playing music, but are designed primarily to handle voice commands and responses. With relatively small drivers and speaker systems included in the two systems, music playback may sound a bit small and mediocre on both devices.

However, the 3.5mm headphone jack included in Amazon Echo Dot significantly improves music playback. More music services work with the Alexa system, and despite the compatibility of Googlecast with Chromecast, Amazon Echo Dot is undoubtedly the best music playback device today.

 Amazon Echo Dot vs. Google Home Mini [19659007] Turn on the TV

We all hate getting up to turn on the TV, and today we do not even bother to use a remote control! So a key pillar in the battle of Amazon Echo Dot vs. Google Home Mini is the ability of the devices to turn a TV on and off.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that to control most televisions there is a hub, like Logitech Harmony Elite, it is a requirement. Possibly some control over the TV can be affirmed through Chromecast, but this has not proven to be a great success in the tests.

Once again, there is no doubt that Google Home Mini operates more skillfully in this department, so it is much more feasible to change channels and operate a television through voice commands. This is an area where the Google device has an advantage over Amazon's offer, and Amazon clearly has work to do here.


Design may not be the most obvious area for a comparison of Amazon Echo Dot vs. Google Home Mini. But ultimately these devices are part of our homes, and therefore they should look good.

Of course, this is a fairly subjective area for comparison, but the consensus of opinion is that the matte finish of the Amazon Echo Dot exterior is quite outdated Google Home Mini offers options of coral, chalk and coal, while the The device's curved appearance is somewhat more pleasing than its Amazon rival. The finishing of the fabric is also an ingenious aspect of this device, and this means that Google Home Mini also has the advantage in this department.


The quality of the services delivered by the two devices is quite similar. The two ecosystems have achieved virtual parity, with telephone calls and control of devices connected with both systems. Naturally, both manufacturers have stopped including the music systems of the other party, so Google Home Mini will not work with Amazon Music, while Amazon Echo Dot is incompatible with Google Play Music.

This could have an impact on your decision, but the reality is that the functionality of these two devices is at least theoretically almost identical. The quality of the operation may vary, but both systems have been configured to achieve similar things.


Who comes out ahead in the Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini war? Well, it's bad news for Amazon. Considering that both devices have a good price and are almost identical in terms of recommended retail price, it really boils down to the qualities of the two units.

And Google Home Mini consistently outperforms the Amazon Echo Dot in almost every department. Not only that, but it is also a more attractive addition to housing.

Those who want a music playback device can opt for the Amazon speaker, but the full superior package, and the smartest badistant, is undoubtedly provided by the Google Home Mini.

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