Amazon Echo and Alexa product comparison: Which model is best for you?


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Amazon debuted with the original Echo a few years ago and caused a surprise in the technology industry. The Echo is a smart home speaker that houses Amazon's virtual badistant Alexa, an artificial intelligence badistant that helps you complete daily tasks using only your voice. Since its debut, users of all levels of technological prowess have adopted Echo and Alexa, finding practicality in a voice-controlled badistant and everything it can do.

Both Alexa and Echo have evolved since then to meet the needs of a constantly growing market. After Echo and Alexa came Google Home with Google Assistant, Harman Kardon Invoke with Microsoft's Cortana and the next Homepod with Apple's Siri. Amazon has an advantage over all these competitors because it has had the time to develop many different Echo devices and expand Alexa to be a multifaceted badistant, thanks to integrations and third-party skills. ("Skills" is the word of Amazon for applications, in this case).

A lot of manufacturers of smart home devices have integrated Alexa into their products, and Alexa now has more than 25,000 skills created by external developers. Alexa's skills are features that Alexa can take advantage of to do more than its built-in features allow. For example, Alexa has native features that let you know the weather and traffic forecasts, control smart home devices and buy things from Amazon. Using third-party skills, Alexa can play relaxing sleep sounds at night, read stories to your children, tell you random food facts and host a trivia game for you and your friends.

Alexa has a lot of ready-to-use features, no matter what device works like your home in your home. In the relatively short time since the debut of the original Echo, Amazon has manufactured a series of other Echo devices with the hope that any user can find one that fits their needs. With so many options in the Amazon Echo family, deciding which one is best for you can be difficult. Here we present the main differences and use cases of all Amazon Echo devices to help you decide what to buy.

Comparative Specifications: Amazon Echo Products
Device Echo Buttons Echo Connection Echo Dot Echo (2017) Amazon Tap Echo Spot Echo Plus Echo Look Echo Show
Price $ 20 for 2 buttons $ 35 [19659019] $ 50 $ 100 $ 130 $ 130 $ 150 $ 200 $ 230
Availability Comes "this holiday season" Place your order now, available on December 13, 2017 Available now Available now Available now Pre-order now, available December 19, 2017 Available now Available now, by invitation only Available now
Alexa integration No, must connect to the Echo device No, it must be connected to the Echo device Yes Yes [19659019] Yes Yes Yes [19659019] Yes Yes
Speaker specifications Without speaker Without speaker 0.6 "speaker 0.6" tweeter, 2.5 "woofer dual 1.5" drivers, double pbadive radiators, Dolby audio 1.4 "speaker 0.8" tweeter, 2.5 "woofer 1.6W speaker stereo speakers 2 "dual
Screen specifications Without display Without display Without display Without display Without display 2.5" Without display Without display 7 "
Camera specifications Without camera Without camera Without camera Without camera Without camera Low resolution front camera Without camera 5MP, Intel RealSense SR300 for depth detection 5MP
Home control intel igente [19659018] No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, also includes built-in device hub Yes Yes
Free call with Alexa No Yes, but through home pho ne service Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Puerto 3.5 mm audio No No Yes [19659019] Yes Yes No Yes
Can be used wirelessly Yes ] No No No Yes No No No No
Primary use Alexa game controllers / buzzers Calls controlled by voice with Alexa through the connection of your home phone Alexa commands in any room in a small device that connects to Bluetooth speakers Alexa Speaker updated Portable Bluetooth speaker with built-in Alexa Alexa speaker with a small screen (video games and skills) Alexa speaker with built-in center of smart house Alexa camera to take photos of the costumes for suggested styles Alexa speaker with a large screen (video of the chats and skills)
  • Echo buttons, which cost $ 20 for a two pack.


  • The buttons connect to an Echo device and act as buzzers in voice-based games.


Echo buttons

Amazon echo buttons are the most mysterious of their devices so far. Announced along with a series of other Echo devices in a September event, the echo buttons were shown as devices that "bring back game night". They act as buzzers in trivia games, allowing different players to press the top button to answer questions in various Alexa-based games.

Each button has a bright top that can shine in different colors so that each player can have their own individual color in group games. While playing a game skill through Alexa, each player can press their Button to answer a question and advance the game. Alexa already has a lot of gaming skills, but we know of three so far that will support echo buttons: Beat the Intro by Musicplode, Dungeon Escape and Funny sounds with Mike Epps from Ground Control.

The capture with the echo buttons is that they must be connected via Bluetooth to an existing Echo device. Amazon has not indicated which Echo devices will support the buttons, but it is likely that most of the full Echo devices (such as Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show) will connect to the buttons. The buttons are also the first "Alexa gadgets", or devices that are intended to connect to an Echo device that you already have and allow you to interact with Alexa in new ways. Amazon states that the eco buttons will be available for this holiday season, but we still do not know about other available Alexa gadgets.

  • Buy this if: regularly has a game night with friends and family.
  • Don Do not buy this if: does not have an Echo device yet.
  • The $ 35 Echo Connect fixed adapter.


  • Side view of Connect with its ports.


Echo Connect

Amazon added voice calls and messages with Alexa devices to Echo recently, and the Echo Connect brings that feature to landlines. The $ 35 box connects through its telephone jack or VoIP adapter and Wi-Fi network. After completing the configuration in the Alexa mobile application, you can use your voice to ask Alexa to call anyone. The landline number will be the one that appears on the receiver's caller ID, so there will be no confusion when you call another landline.

However, just like the echo buttons, you need an existing echo device to use Connect. The Connect box basically acts as a bridge between your phone line and Alexa, with Amazon's voice badistant living on the Echo device you already have. When you ask Alexa to call a contact, a local business or any other number, you are asking the voice badistant on an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or other Echo device with all functions. Connect ensures that those calls go through your landline instead of your mobile phone.

  • Buy this if: you want Alexa to make calls for your landline.
  • Do not buy this if: you still do not have an Echo device.
  • The eco point of $ 50 in white (also comes in black).


  • The point is much smaller than the echo and is designed to put Alexa in any room.


Echo Dot

The Echo Dot has two great advantages over other fully equipped Echo devices: size and price. For just $ 50, the hockey-sized device gives you access to most of the more than 25,000 Alexa skills and all of Amazon's built-in features for your virtual badistant. The Echo Dot can read weather forecasts, inform you about your daily schedule, provide traffic updates, control smart home devices, read the latest news and more. The only features with which it is not compatible are the Alexa skills that require a screen; There are some available now, but they are exclusively for Echo Show and Echo Spot, the only two Echo devices manufactured on Amazon with screens. 19659003] The design of the Echo Dot is a great advantage, and not only because of its size. Measuring 1.3 × 3.3 × 3.3 inches, it seems that Amazon cut the top quarter of a regular Echo device and turned it into its own product. The Echo Dot has a 0.6-inch speaker inside to play music, but its compact size does not make it the best music maker. However, the device has an audio output port to connect to any other speaker and sound system you may have, and it also works with Bluetooth speakers. That means you can connect your favorite sound device to the Echo Dot, ask Alexa to play songs from Spotify, iHeartRadio or other sources, and the Echo Dot will play those tracks through your favorite speaker.

The Echo Dot is the device to obtain if you want Alexa's voice-controlled comfort and you already have your own sound system in place.

  • Buy this if: you want Alexa but do not want to spend a lot of money. [19659136] Do not buy this if: you want a high quality speaker.
  • The new Amazon Echo with its updated internal and external design.


  • All available veneers for the new Echo.



The device that started it has an update this year with the new Amazon Echo. Amazon not only lowered the price of the Echo to $ 100, but the new device has an updated speaker system, improved far-field microphones for Alexa to hear and a refined design that makes it look more like a home furniture than a piece of technology. The new echo sounds better than the original, but it is not our favorite smart home speaker in terms of audio quality. However, if you are upgrading from a smartphone speaker or a cheap Bluetooth device, the Echo will be a solid speaker capable of filling some rooms with sound.

The main case that should be done for the Echo is that it is a decent speaker device that also houses Alexa. If you buy an Echo Dot, there is no doubt that you will want to connect it to a better sound system: it is designed to be more of a home for Alexa than a good speaker. On the other hand, the echo is intended to provide both characteristics at a relatively affordable price. If you are not very strict with the sound quality and you just want a decent speaker with Alexa, the Echo is a solid device. You can also connect the Echo to a larger speaker system, since it has the same audio output port as the Echo Dot.

  • Buy this if: you want most of Alexa's features at a decent price. [19659136] Do not buy this if: you want to access Alexa skills that use a screen.
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